Consistent product quality and unmatched scaling accuracy

Traditional toast or tin bread. Soft hamburger and hot dog buns. Gluten-free and rye doughs. Premium brioche, kaiser, and assorted dinner roll products. Original English muffins.

Produce consistent product quality in both entry-level and high-speed production environments. Setting the industry standard, AMF’s flexible soft bread, bun, roll, and English muffin systems incorporate the proven accuracy of FLEX extrusion dividers with the highest sanitary designs, ensuring maximum product quality with simple operation.

System Integration

Fully integrated system solutions from mixer to marketplace.

Production Efficiency

From entry level automation to the highest speed setting the global standard, AMF’s soft bread and bun systems produce up to 14,400 loaves per hour, 77,000 buns or rolls per hour, or 26,000 muffins per hour.

Engineered for enduring success

Maximize profitability with flexible soft bread and bun production solutions, built for the bakeries of tomorrow:

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