Zero net carbon emissions. 2050.

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Is in our dna.

We are committed to a 30% reduction in our operations’ environmental impact across the value chain by 2030 while focusing on continuous improvement, ingenuity in product development, and caring for our teams and communities to build a more equitable world. 

our goal

We’re committed to paving the way toward sustainable equipment and supply chains for bakeries. We aspire to minimize the impact of our operations and the equipment in our customers’ bakeries. To procure, produce, and deliver low emissions products. To innovate with our customers to reduce waste in their bakeries. To nurture an engaged workforce to design sustainability into everything we do. To provide enriching opportunities for our teammates and our communities. 

  • less co2 emissions
  • less food waste
  • less water use

Here’s How We’re Doing It


Extending machine life, designing sustainably, and developing transformative products.

Green Product Innovation

Vision: To lead sustainable innovation, exploring the latest available materials and technology, driving positive, disruptive transformation of the baking industry to help our customers run better bakeries.

Goal: To provide our customers with products and services that will improve their operation while making a positive impact on our collective environmental footprint. We will continually develop environmentally sustainable products, both new development and retrofitting existing products. AMF defines ‘green products’ as any new product innovation, design modification, customer service, or process that delivers customer-value while helping move the world toward greater ecological sustainability via:  designing machines to eliminate waste from the product before consumers have to deal with it; building recyclable machines with planned end of life disposition; and reducing packaging waste, including exploration of reusable and recyclable formats.

Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Vision: To transform the baking industry toward Net Zero carbon emission by 2050.

Goal: To continuously target our product portfolio for the largest energy consumers and drive continuous improvement and innovation programs to eliminate non-value-added energy consumption, seeking alternatives to the remaining net requirements.

Product Life Cycle Planning

Vision: To lead the transformation towards a circular and sustainable bakery business. Through product life cycle planning for all our goods and services, we realize continuous improvement towards NetZero baking.

Goal: To provide our customers with products and services that will simultaneously improve their operations and make a positive impact on our collective environmental footprint. We will deliver compliant Life Cycle Analyses [LCA] with all our equipment, doing our part to support our customers reaching their sustainability goals.


Reducing resource consumption and waste across our value chain.

Carbon Footprint & Emissions

Vision: AMF commits its support toward the baking industry’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Goal: In addition to our obligation to reduce our own carbon footprint, AMF is committed to helping our customers reduce theirs. Internally, we will reduce our net carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, through a focus on reducing energy usage, water usage, and waste via a circular supply chain. We are engaging our teammates globally, tapping into their passion and creativity to create a better world. Sustainability is truly in AMF’s DNA.

Energy Usage

Vision: AMF will use only renewable energy within our operations by 2050.

Goal: We believe all deserve clean, affordable energy. To accelerate the transition to a renewable energy system, AMF is committed to investing in renewable energy resources, prioritizing energy efficient practices, and adopting clean energy technologies and infrastructure. We will reduce our usage of non-renewable electricity in our operations by 30% by 2030. AMF is tracking energy usage across all facilities to measure progress towards this goal.

Water Usage

Vision: AMF will conserve, and sustainably and efficiently manage, natural water resources.

Goal: Water is one of the planet’s most valuable resources — without water there is no life. Most of our water is used for cleaning and cooling. Wastewater is generated from cleaning and evaporation of our raw materials. AMF will reduce our water footprint by 30% along the entire value chain by 2030.

Zero Waste Manufacturing

Vision: AMF envisions a future where governments, companies, and consumers work together to create a circular economy and turn waste into a resource. We believe these actions will become a critical part in maintaining a healthy planet for all people everywhere. AMF will lead the way in making zero waste operations the bakery equipment industry norm.

Goal: At AMF, we accept the zero waste challenge. We embrace the mindset of circular manufacturing…in our operations and our supply chain, in addition to the design and use of our products. We will adopt the established Reduce-Reuse-Recycle focus, and collaborate with our supply chain partners to reduce waste throughout the entire value chain…from our suppliers to the end use consumer. We will share our learnings from our zero waste journey with our bakery customers. We are committed to reducing our waste to landfill across all our operations and supply chain by 30% by the year 2030.


Engaging our teams and communities to build a better world for future generations.

Workforce of Tomorrow

Vision: At AMF, we envision a future workforce that is more inclusive, diverse, and prepared to make an impact. We believe that AMF has a duty to learn, teach, mentor and be a critical part of this vision, both within AMF and across the communities within which we do business.

Goal: To to create an undeniable AMF presence within the community to drive our vision of creating the Workforce of Tomorrow. Our teammates are challenged to foster a culture of learning, inclusiveness, and equal opportunity. Our goal is to host at least 40 learning opportunities throughout our organization in 2023 that target youth education, teammate development, and future teammate recruitment.

Social Investments

Vision: At AMF, we envision a world where hunger is eradicated, inequalities are eliminated, and educational opportunities are available to all. To achieve this, AMF will partner with our local and global communities by providing financial support to organizations working towards making this vision a reality.

Goal: To provide financial support to organizations that have a positive impact on society. We intend to donate 1% of our net profits to worthy causes per year. Our social investments will come in the form of direct company donations, voluntary personal donations, corporate matching, event sponsorships, and participation in fundraising events.

Community Service

Vision: At AMF, we envision an equitable world where everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food and lives and prospers in a clean and healthy environment. At AMF, “Better Food, Better Lives” means our people put in the time and effort to make healthy food accessible to all and to ensure every life we touch is improved.

Goal: At AMF, we recognize that our communities are stronger when we work together and we as a company are an integral part of our community. We choose to make a positive impact by investing our time and human ingenuity back into our communities. Our comprehensive community service program encourages each location to provide volunteers for worthy causes throughout the year. Specifically, we will provide volunteers to organizations which focus on fighting hunger, educating youth (particularly STEM), and causes important to our customers which create a more sustainable world.

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