Remote Virtual Assistance for Your Bakery Equipment

As we always have, AMF Bakery Systems remains committed to delivering exceptional virtual bakery support to our customers. Our VirtualCare service quickly connects you with a certified AMF technician for real-time visual diagnosis, troubleshooting, and operator training for your bakery equipment while keeping our customers, teammates, and communities safe. By providing an extra set of eyes, our remote VirtualCare team carefully guides you through bakery troubleshooting and consistent resolution of your bakery issues.

  • Reduce downtime with simple, remote guided troubleshooting from your phone, iPad, or PC.
  • Improve equipment reliability with virtual operator training for operational, sanitation, and preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Reduce waste with equipment and process consultation from AMF’s expert technicians.
  • Increase line efficiency with visual diagnosis of your production line performance.

Need affordable, remote virtual assistance with your bakery equipment?

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– Responsive, On-Demand Virtual Bakery Support
– Hands-free Hololens® 2 Operational Guidance
– Remote Equipment Diagnosis & Bakery Troubleshooting
– Custom Virtual Training for Operators

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Quick Mobile Connect

For simple, remote support, connect with our service technicians via WhatsApp by clicking on the link above. Hourly rates may apply as our team provides you with effective, real-time guidance during regular business hours.

Remote Assist Contract

Contact us for a premium on-demand service partnership. Our remote assist contracts are facilitated through Microsoft Remote Assist®. Tailored to your needs, AMF provides you a Hololens® 2 wearable device for a hands-free support experience.
Currently available in Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.

Virtual Training Session

Contact us to schedule a customized virtual training with our expert technicians for your operations and maintenance teams. We’ll guide your bakery teammates through proper equipment maintenance, operation, sanitation, and safety procedures.

Certified AMF Technicians

AMF’s expert service technicians are ready to support you with the customized care you need to ensure your bakery continues to run at optimal efficiency. With localized support, globally, our remote VirtualCare team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a week for the life of your bakery.

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