Dough Divider

Improved product consistency with flexible and accurate scaling solutions designed to grow with your bakery.

Flexible, Precise Dough Dividers

Maximize your bakery’s production flexibility and accuracy with AMF’s next-generation Flex dough dividers, designed to increase consistency and variety of products while reducing costs. Our Flex technology delivers unmatched scaling accuracy and easy product changeover, with intuitive recipe management systems for effortless product flexibility.

Superior Sanitation

Engineered to the highest sanitary design standards, AMF Flex dividers integrate quick-clean manifolds and easy-access frames for efficient sanitation and maintenance. 

Local Support,

At AMF, the proof of our success is when our customers rise to the top. AMF is the only complete baking solutions provider with locations throughout North America and the world. We help bakeries minimize their risks and stay online with local service and support around the globe.

APEX Accumax Roll Divider

Soft roll extrusion bun divider serves as a direct replacement for K-heads and early generation extrusion roll dividers. APEX is the practical, proven solution to help you automate your processes step-by-step.

Accumax Roll Divider

Soft roll extrusion bun divider serves as a direct replacement for K-heads and early generation extrusion roll dividers.

Advanced Dough Divider (ADD)

Vector extrusion technology improves product uniformity for bread, pizza, and specialty doughs up to 20,000 lbs per hour.

High Speed Bun Divider

Vector extrusion divider decreases dough shear for optimal dough consistency and quality with the highest speed production.

Tortilla Divider & Rounder

Extrusion flour tortilla divider and rounder reduces maintenance and improves scaling performance.

RollFlex Divider

Small footprint extrusion divider featuring ultra low-shear metering ensures product consistency with unmatched product flexibility.

HBDFlex Divider

Simple, low-pressure extrusion divider offering unmatched scaling accuracy.

MuffinFlex Divider & Rounder

Offering the most accurate scaling available with AMF’s FLEX metering technology and fully-integrated as part of the complete system solution for English Muffins.

ServoTech Bread Divider

Gentle volumetric dividing controls dough chamber volume to maintain first-in, first-out processing.

Volumetric Bread Divider

Reliable volumetric dividing complemented by heavy duty stainless steel design.

K-Head Divider

Gentle, volumetric bun, roll and muffin dividing with improved design for extended machine life.

Pizza Doughball Dividers & Rounders

BreadFlex Divider & Rounder

Compact extrusion dividing and rounding solutions for improved product consistency and scaling accuracy to scale doughball production.

BreadFlex (D3) Direct Deposit Divider

Simple direct deposit divider offering continuous extrusion style dividing for gluten-free and rye doughs.

BreadFlex Divider

Small footprint extrusion divider delivering unmatched flexibility and improved product consistency.

DoFlow Plus

Degasses and conditions dough just before dividing. Mounted above the AMF bun dividers supplying the divider with uniform density dough with enhanced scaling accuracy.

UltraFlow DoFlow

Degasses and conditions dough just before dividing for excellent scaling accuracy, consistent quality, and better pan flow. Designed for higher throughput requirements on 8-across Accupans.

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