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AMF Flex Dividers & Rounders

For Pizza Doughball Production

AMF Flex offers compact extrusion dividing and rounding solutions for improved product consistency and scaling accuracy to scale doughball production for thin or American-style pizzas. AMF Flex doughball dividing systems are easily integrated with manual tray loading stations or with distribution to AMF’s Step Proofers or Spiral Freezers.

Key benefits

  • Increase profitability and reduce waste with unmatched scaling accuracy at higher throughputs for a wide range of dough types and pizza applications.
  • Lower operating costs with intuitive, user-friendly HMIs and recipe management systems.
  • Achieve consistency with repeatable product changeover from one product to another, including automated port speed settings.
  • Improve sustainability with simple, toolless sanitation procedures on easy access frame designs with no dusting flour or divider oil required.
  • Reduce downtime with unparalleled support from AMF’s localized customer care team.
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Flex Pizza Doughball Divider Equipment Features

Designed for pizza producers looking to introduce automation into their doughball making process as well as midsize to industrial bakeries looking for a high throughput solution, the latest AMF Flex extrusion dividing and rounding systems for pizza doughballs deliver consistent scaling accuracy with three standard make-up configurations dependent on your bakery’s throughput and automation needs.

Low maintenance, sanitary divider designs with stainless steel, open access frames allowing for easier sanitation and maintenance.

Low maintenance auger system with pressure feedback loop for excellent product consistency and scaling with 3-4 x longer life than conventional dividers.

Accurate sliding vane style metering pump gently meters the dough with low shear, 100% purge per resolution operation, ensuring ‘first-in, first out’.

Advanced vector extrusion dividing technology delivers better than 1% scaling accuracy consistently for the life of the divider for up 20+ years.

Servo-driven, UHMW rotary cutoff knife slices cleanly, without tearing gluten strands providing precise doughball placement from 10-800 pieces per minute.

Quick change cut-off nozzles allow for easy changeover from small to large products or products requiring a profile extrusion (oval or square).

Seamlessly integrated checkweighers are available to ensure perfect weight accuracy.

Cleaning cart suited for dual vector S-augers

AMF UX standard HMI offers intuitive, streamlined operator experience for increased efficiency, fewer errors, and less downtime with on-screen, preventative maintenance alerts.

Scale Pizza Doughball Production

Accuracy Meets Efficiency

Dough is divided into individual portions by means of a rotary cut-off knife and rounded by a sanitary belt rounder into perfectly portioned doughballs. Direct deposit dividing solutions are also available without rounding for distribution directly into trays for pressed pizza applications.

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