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Delivering Versatility and Efficiency

Sustainability is in our DNA at AMF, and the Mini Combo BDR Make-Up System exemplifies AMF’s dedication to pioneering technologies that will enable a healthier and more sustainable bakery sector. Recognized for its ability to produce premium bread, bun, and roll products while delivering outstanding value, this system is designed to optimize production and drive growth for bakeries of all sizes.

The Mini Combo BDR Make-Up System is engineered for maximum flexibility, making it a superior choice for low-capacity production lines. It can produce buns, rolls, and bread in a single setup, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency. Whether transitioning from manual to semi-automatic operations or looking for a compact solution for product development, the Mini Combo BDR is the perfect bakery partner.

Advantages of the Mini Combo BDR Make-Up System

  • Recipe Management Control System: Simplifies setup and changeover, ensuring smooth production transitions.
  • Excellent Scaling Accuracy: Consistent results with scaling accuracy better than 1%.
  • Low Maintenance and Easy Sanitation: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, minimizing downtime.
  • Longer Run Times: Extends machine life and increases intervals between cleaning cycles.
  • Integrated Controls: Provides an intuitive interface for efficient operation and monitoring.

Developed for Diverse Baking Environments

The Mini Combo BDR Make-Up System is tailored to meet the demands of various environments:

  • Transitioning Operations: Ideal for bakeries moving from manual to semi-automatic systems.
  • Product Development: Perfect for bakery test centers and ingredients laboratories requiring compact, versatile solutions.

Winning the “Innovation for Growth” award at Bakery China 2024 affirms AMF Bakery Systems’ position at the forefront of the baking industry. Our dedication to excellence drives us to provide solutions that meet our customers’ expectations today while offering flexibility to the bakeries of tomorrow, helping them achieve sustainable growth and operating distinction.

Let us help you improve efficiency and achieve success with our innovative solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how the Mini Combo BDR Make-Up System can transform your bakery operations.