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AMF recognizes the challenges of modern bakeries. Traditional focus on consistent product quality, efficient production processes, and bottom-line costs remains. At the same time new topics become more important each day: sustainability, food waste, and a changing workforce.

At AMF, we strongly believe that we can support modern bakeries by merging the virtual and physical world to continuously drive optimization. By working towards a lights-out bakery with our expert baking experience, we are making equipment smarter, integrating processes, and improving your operation.


One of the core pillars of AMF’s Smart Process Solutions is sustainability. We’re determined to help pizza bakeries improve energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. By optimizing processes and leveraging intelligent technology, we’re making significant strides in minimizing the environmental impact of the pizza production industry.

Food waste

Food waste is an ever-present and concern in the food industry that continues to gain visibility. With our Smart Process Solutions, we’re committed to reducing waste and give-away while increasing yield. Through data-driven insights and precise control, we empower pizza bakeries to make the most of their ingredients, ensuring nothing goes to waste.


Maintaining consistent product quality while scaling production is paramount. Our solutions simplify operations while enhancing quality consistency. With intelligent equipment and integrated processes, we’re helping pizza bakeries produce top-notch pizzas with ease.

A fully data-driven process

In our pizza production line systems, intelligence operates on two levels. Vertically, smart machines like ovens and applicators offer closed-loop unit control. Horizontally, we connect the entire baking process, implementing closed-loop control for the entire bakery, from tracking and tracing to maintaining line quality and predictive maintenance.

Adding Intelligence to pizza production

New technology makes it possible to take our advanced equipment to the next level. We are in a unique position to add intelligence to our equipment and integrated production lines. With the use of advancements in artificial intelligence, connectivity, and data processing, we are making pizza production more autonomous.

An important part of our approach for enhancing pizza production is to keep the operator in the loop to make sure quality and efficiency are improved and not impacted.

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Expert knowledge

AMF’s expert knowledge ensures that we address bakery challenges effectively. We leverage artificial intelligence to simplify operators’ tasks and improve overall operations.

Artificial Intelligence

Making the life of an operator easier and improving operations


Effectively aggregating information is crucial for the implementation of quick and correct decisions. Our solutions facilitate seamless connectivity, ensuring data-driven insights are readily available to support bakery operations.

  • Sustainable Oven Service

Up to 3% give-away reduction

The AMF Smart Applicator automates manual operator weighing checks to keep ingredient application within specifications:
– reducing labor
– improving accuracy
– reducing give-away

The Smart Applicator visually inspects each product and makes sure the right amount of topping is applied without operator handling. It works for:
– cheeses
– proteins (tuna, chicken, ham, salami)
– vegetables (mushrooms, olives)

Real-time quality inspection for
pizza line operators

In-Shift Quality Inspection (ISQI) alerts operators directly on quality issues during pizza production, enabling you to:
– quickly identify quality problems
– solve problems when they happen
– prevent further problems

Each pizza is analyzed and anomalies are reported to the operator in detail:
– type of anomaly
– number of anomalies per type

Analyze quality trends across shifts
and steer improvements

An additional feature of ISQI brings quality inspection to the line or plant manager, in order to:
– improve root-cause analysis
– increase quality across lines and shifts
– perform actual visual inspection of products

With continuous quality inspection and analysis, it becomes easy to spot structural quality problems over various products, recipes, shifts, and lines.

Hands-off quantitative ingredient

Quantitative Ingredient Compensation (QIC) automatically manages the obligation to produce against the standard declared weight of the product.

QIC exactly weighs the un-topped pizza bases early in the production processes. At the start of the topping line, inaccuracies in the weight of the base are compensated by the AMF Powershot Depositor.

Fully unattended quality rejection

Active Quality Rejection (AQR) uses the anomaly detection capabilities of the ISQI and QIC to actively and accurately reject products of low quality or incorrect weight.

AQR can be configured to automatically reject products based on different quality criteria to keep waste to a minimum.

Reduce 10% gas consumption and
CO2 emissions

The Sustainable Oven Service remotely analyzes the baking process on different aspects. Weekly, the baker receives recommendations on how to reduce gas consumption and CO2 emissions.

Oven experts guide the baker in reaching the maximum reduction goals.

What makes us Unique

AMF stands in a unique position to revolutionize professional bakeries with digital innovation. From dough mixing to proofing, baking, depositing, and packaging, we offer end-to-end bakery solutions. With our global footprint, we provide local support from implementation to production, ensuring your bakery’s enduring success.

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