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Efficient, accessible training tools empowering your bakery to RISE.

Designed to help you build and retain the highest performing bakery team, the AMFMethod™ Documentation & Training Tool offers interactive, focused bakery equipment training and development initiatives for AMF’s complete baking systems and unit equipment.

AMFMethod™ Documentation & Training provides easy, online access to manuals, equipment documentation, and training modules that help you maximize your bakery’s performance and productivity.

Improve Productivity, Increase Efficiency

With access to self-driven tutorials and machine documentation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the AMFMethod™ puts everything you need to optimize your bakery’s performance, productivity, and reliability at your fingertips.

Build a High Performing Bakery Team

Easily accessible bakery equipment training increases your bakery’s capacity to maintain current equipment, implement the newest technology, and process innovations. Creating a knowledgeable and motivated team helps you hire and retain the best talent for your bakery.

AMFMethod™ Documentation & Training Modules

Self-driven, interactive, online bakery training modules and equipment documentation is available for AMF systems and unit equipment shipped after May 2016. 

  • Safety: Training and evaluations covering equipment danger zones & workplace hazards.
  • Operations: Digital instruction manuals for initial implementation and training and can be accessed at any time for method reinforcement.
  • Sanitation: Proper procedures for sanitizing AMF systems and unit equipment.
  • Maintenance: Equipment specific documentation for routine maintenance & troubleshooting.

NOTE: AMFMethod™ is currently available for equipment shipped on or after May 2016. For documentation on equipment shipped prior to May 2016, please contact your AMF Inside Sales Representative. Please have equipment models and serial numbers available.

For more information on AMFMethod™, contact Larry Gore at l[email protected]


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AMF is not limited to supporting only its own brand of equipment. The company's Repair & Modernization Team is equipped to handle a variety of…

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