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How is AMF responding to bakery staffing challenges?

In response to recent staffing issues and knowledge gaps across the baking industry, AMF is developing an upgraded version of AMFMethod, known as AMFMethod Premium. The new solution is designed to streamline the onboarding process and provide ongoing training for new bakery operators.

The easy-to-use online training platform offers comprehensive training materials encompassing both specific equipment instructions and broader bakery industry knowledge for employees new to industrial baking. Our aim is to engage bakery teams effectively, enhancing employee satisfaction and retention. The platform is tailored to ensure that even staff with little to no prior experience in baking can quickly become proficient in their roles.

In addition to the online database and training tools, AMFMethod Premium includes two annual on-site visits from AMF Bakery Systems Technical Experts and monthly virtual meetings with AMF Technical Experts. 

Click here to learn more about AMFMethod Premium and get your bakery team set up for long-term success in today’s industrial baking world.