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What training does AMF provide for bakery teams?

AMF Bakery Systems offers different levels of training that encompass both the initial phase of equipment installation and continuous ongoing support for bakery teams.

  • Initial Installation and Training: During the initial installation of your bakery equipment, AMF’s team of baking experts and skilled service technicians provide comprehensive on-site training. This training covers all aspects of equipment operation, maintenance, and safety to ensure a flawless startup. Our hands-on guidance ensures bakery teams are well-equipped to operate the new equipment efficiently and safely from day one​​.
  • AMFMethod™ Documentation & Training Tool: For basic continuous learning and reinforcement, the AMFMethod™ platform offers online access to manuals, equipment documentation, and training modules. These resources are invaluable for reinforcing the skills and knowledge acquired during the initial training and cover crucial aspects like safety, operations, sanitation, and maintenance​​. AMF is also preparing to launch AMFMethod Premium, which will provide even more training assistance to bakery teams through virtual and on-site means. 
  • Virtual Training Sessions: To further support the development of your bakery team, AMF offers customized virtual training webinars. Conducted by our expert technicians and engineers, these interactive sessions provide tutorials on equipment maintenance, operation, sanitation, and safety procedures, catering to the evolving needs of your team​​. Complete the customized virtual training inquiry to schedule a session for your team.
  • Remote and On-Site Technical Support: AMF also provides training via one of our service programs. This includes on-site training or possibly remote training via a connection to your equipment. When granted proper access, our technicians can remotely connect to your equipment for real-time support. This approach ensures that your team remains competent and confident in operating and maintaining the equipment over time​​.

AMF’s flexible training programs are designed to create a knowledgeable and motivated bakery team, helping you hire and retain the best talent for your bakery. From the initial setup to ongoing operational support, our training and support services are geared towards maximizing the performance and longevity of your equipment investment.  Ask your Customer Care Representative about the enhanced training resources we’re developing or email [email protected] for more information.