English Muffin
Production Systems

Optimized, turnkey English muffin solutions for superior products, custom configurations, improved efficiency, and unmatched reliability.

In partnership with Sugden, Ltd., AMF offers fully-integrated solutions for a variety of English muffins and griddle cake products. Our English muffin production systems can produce up to 26,000 units per hour so that you can grow your bakery as we Rise Together.

English muffin production system from AMF Bakery Systems

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AMFConnect™ ensures the best performance from your bakery’s production line by providing access to the most advanced integrated, real-time bakery system data and unit equipment information. Access to critical operational information allows your team to make better, faster decisions improving operations and efficiency throughout your bakery.

English Muffin Proofer & Griddle

Fully insulated griddle to reduce energy consumption up to 20%, equipped with individual servo drives on three griddle decks.

MuffinFlex Divider & Rounder

Incorporates proprietary metering pumps, recipe-controlled developer, and chilled rounder bed for the most accurate and efficient scaling available.

Dough Chunker & Elevator

Tool-less removal for idler rollers, scrapers, and belt for innovative sanitary design and zero pretension for gentle handling.

Open Frame Mixer

Maintains the precise muffin temperature range (63-65 °F) and is flexible for a wide range of dough types, sanitary design, and seamless system integration.

A-Series Conveyor

Suitable for all conveying applications and custom configured with vertical belt support rails for improved sanitation.

Vesta Spiral Cooler

Patented cage bar design for improved installation, maintenance, and access for full wash-down sanitation.

Product Diverter

Separates pans and lids into two or three lines with up to 35 actions per minute.

HS20 Bulk Packer

Adjustable seal system and lane guides for varying product size and damage-free product handling.

VersaLoader Robotic Product Loader

Patented servo-controlled Gantry robotic arm for gentle product handling and tightly grouped product packages.

Bottom-Up Basket Stacker

Pre-programmed and responsive to system demand, consistent and specific handling up to 28 baskets per minute.

Bottom-Out Basket Unstacker

Handles up to 40 nested or cross-nested baskets per minute with adjustable widths for easy changeover.

Dry Trash Removal System

Configurable for “S” style, horizontal, or vacuum for more efficient and complete pre-sanitation waste removal.

Basket Orientor

Follows basket denester to maintain a single-direction flow.

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