We Rise Together

At AMF, we’re for every sandwich packed in a school lunch. We’re for every flaky pastry indulged in to start the day. We’re for every pizza sliced at the end of a long week.

And we’re for every baker that makes these experiences possible.

Baked goods are a part of your customers’ lives, and they’re the center of ours. At AMF, we’re in every bake and every bite—supporting bakeries around the world with best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions to optimize operations, improve product quality and empower bakery teams.

Whether for the retail baker opening their first business, the industrial baker scaling up operations, or the leading international baker seeking process improvement and greater product variety, AMF measures our success by the success of those we serve.

We’re already in your region, rapidly responding to your needs. Our solutions move your baked goods efficiently and reliably through the entire baking process—from mixer to marketplace.

We’re made up of the world’s wealth of bakers and engineers, pioneers and problem-solvers, all committed to one common goal: creating the best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions to help grow your bakery as we Rise Together.

At AMF, every customer benefits from the three pillars of our AMF promise:

Engineering Innovation

At AMF, we don’t just speak about innovation; we engineer it. The evidence is in the high-speed solutions synonymous with the AMF name. Through precision engineering and systems expertise, we create custom unit equipment and complete system solutions that help bakery brands increase efficiency, consistency, safety, and profitability.

Bakery Empowerment

In designing a solution, we first listen to you, our customer. Then applying our own master bakers’ expertise, we launch each project with a deep understanding of the dough process and potential opportunities we’re creating. Supported by dedicated project management, from upstream process improvement to installation and training, AMF delivers comprehensive and integrated solutions that empower your bakery’s success.

Local Support, Globally

At AMF, we know that the best place to help our customers is right where they are. With locations in the USA, Netherlands, UK, China, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and UAE, we’re the only truly global complete system supplier. AMF has built teams of bakery and engineering experts right in your region, bringing our unparalleled service and support to your bakery’s door.

Bakeries around the world partner with AMF for improved operations, products, and bakery success, which we deliver through our industry-leading technology brands.

  • Fusion
  • Flex
  • Tromp
  • BakeTech
  • Den Boer
  • Vesta
  • Convay
  • PackTech
  • Workhorse
  • APEX

AMF Fusion delivers the industry’s most reliable horizontal batch mixers and industrial dough handling equipment for bakers around the world. Fermentation rooms, dough troughs, trough hoists, triple roller bar and sigma arm mixers as well as raw dough conveyors ensure seamless dough distribution through upstream operations. Learn More

As your production scales up, AMF Flex extrusion and volumetric dividing technology maintains the accuracy, efficiency, and quality your bakery needs. Our Flex make-up systems offer gentle dough handling and maximum versatility with user-friendly, recipe-driven technology for soft bread, buns and rolls, gluten-free or rye doughs, and English muffins. Learn More

AMF Tromp—formerly Tromp Group—joined AMF Bakery Systems to tackle the rapid pace of change in the baking industry. AMF Tromp technologies bring the proven performance of Europe’s leading sheeting, laminating, depositing, and decorating solutions, expanding our capabilities to produce premium products like artisan bread and rolls, pizza and flatbreads, pastries and croissants, cakes, pies, and more. Learn More

AMF BakeTech develops the industry’s leading continuous baking systems. BakeTech Continuous Proofer and Oven Systems provide proven performance and unmatched reliability. With independently programmed temperature zones for complete zone control, in-oven pan tracking, and the most balanced burner configuration, BakeTech Continuous Ovens ensure greater temperature control so that you can achieve the ideal baking profile for your bread, buns, bagels, pastries, cinnamon rolls, and more. Learn More

AMF Den Boer—formerly Den Boer Baking Systems—joined AMF Bakery Systems to bring over 100 years of baking systems technology and expertise to bakers around the globe. With the integration of Den Boer, we’ve enhanced our baking capabilities to include step proofers, modular tunnel ovens, step coolers, as well as seamlessly integrated pan handling systems. Learn More

Offering quick product changeover and a compact footprint, AMF Vesta Tray and Tunnel Ovens are ideal for high quality, high speed baking of bread, buns, pies, and cakes, particularly those that require longer bake times or are higher in density. For simple modular cooling and freezing capabilities, the Vesta brand offers Automatic Rack or Spiral Proofers, Coolers, Freezers as well as Racetrack Coolers to maximize your bakery layout. Learn More

AMF Convay moves your bakery’s most valuable assets from mixer to marketplace with sanitary, reliable conveying systems for transferring dough balls, pans, lids, baked products, packaged products, baskets, corrugate boxes, and pallets. Learn More

Offering simple operation and reliable baked product packaging solutions, AMF PackTech maintains product integrity while extending shelf life. Learn More

Following the integration of Workhorse Automation, LLC into AMF Bakery Systems, AMF Workhorse encompasses a focused engineering team developing all pan handling and post-packaging or distribution technologies custom-configured to solve your bakery’s unique automation challenges. Learn More

At AMF, we’re just as committed to the baker adopting automation for the first time as we are to the leading multi-national bakery for whom every efficiency matters. We demonstrate this commitment through APEX, our line of semi- and fully-automated entry level production solutions. Our APEX equipment solutions can produce the capacity your operation requires. To learn more about APEX, click here.

Proud to be a part of the Markel Food Group

Better Foods. Better Lives.

AMF Bakery Systems is a proud partner of the Markel Food Group family of companies, which includes Reading Bakery Systems and Solbern. Together, we’re helping feed the world as global market leaders across a wide portfolio of automated food processing solutions that includes soft bread and buns, artisan bread and rolls, pizza and flatbreads, pastries and croissants, cakes and pies, snack foods, as well as food product folding and container filling solutions. Our partnership makes it possible for us to leverage each other’s technologies, best practices, and resources to deliver exceptional value to each of our customers.

One of Markel’s unique competitive advantages is the Markel Style which inspires us and guides and decision making. Reflecting the Style in all business dealings has created a corporate culture in which integrity, transparency, honesty, sense of humor, disdain for bureaucracy, striving for a better way, teamwork, sharing success with others, and a passion for what we do are non-negotiable.

The Markel Food Group companies are subsidiaries under Markel Ventures, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Markel Corporation (NYSE:MKL). For more on the Markel Food Group, visit its website.

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