Empowering New and Experienced Bakery Teams to Increase Bakery Efficiency, Productivity, and Sustainability

Bakery teams face various challenges in their daily operations. In today’s economy, bakeries are facing rising costs of ingredients, energy, and labor, not to mention safety compliance and workforce challenges, among others. The good news is that at AMF, we are committed to empowering bakery teams through comprehensive customer care, innovative tools, and resources, to help increase bakery efficiency and address many of these challenges.

Lifetime Comprehensive Customer Care from Installation to Operation & Beyond

The Customer Care Journey

The journey with AMF’s best-in-class service and support begins at equipment installation and continues throughout the equipment’s life cycle. We provide installation and commissioning by expert service technicians, ensuring that your bakery team starts out on the right foot. Our customer care doesn’t stop there; it includes ongoing support with parts, upgrades, training, and maintenance, all aimed at optimizing your bakery’s performance and extending equipment life.

Technical Expertise

Our AMF team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of our equipment, providing valuable support to bakery teams. This expertise is crucial in maintaining and improving bakery operations, ensuring that your equipment runs at its best and helping to increase bakery efficiency and providing training to your teammates. Our technical experts are available through our various support channels.

Dedicated Customer Care Representatives

We are working towards providing each customer with a single customer care representative, consolidating support for all your equipment needs. This approach, which has already been applied in the U.S., streamlines communication and response, enhancing the support experience. Stay tuned for more to come on this exciting initiative in your region!

Recommended Spare Parts List

Having critical spare parts and wear parts identified is essential for keeping your bakery up and running. For this reason, we offer a unique service in contrast to competitors, providing easy access to a Recommended Spare Parts List through AMFMethod™. This service ensures that bakeries are always prepared for maintenance and repairs, reducing downtime and inefficiency. Through our Maintenance Partner Program, we also offer quarterly or semi-annual training to bakery teams so that equipment operators learn how to maintain and service their own equipment for optimal efficiency.  The MPP program also allows us to evaluate our partners’ bakery equipment based on how efficiently their machines are operating, allowing us to recommend the right parts to have on hand.

Robust Support and Service Plans

As part of our vision to create lifelong customer care relationships with our bakery partners, we offer customizable service  plans to meet a variety of bakery sizes and needs, ensuring that your bakery is never caught off guard when it comes to equipment requirements like necessary upgrades or preventative maintenance.

Preventative Maintenance

At AMF, we offer specific service plans to meet your bakery’s needs. These plans offer multiple layers of support: Triage, General Support, Proactive Maintenance and Inspection and  Training.  Our Maintenance Partnership Program, which offers quarterly or semi-annual training for bakery partner operators, can become a critical part of ensuring that your bakery is running at peak performance as bakery operators are equipped to handle regular equipment maintenance and servicing independently, ensuring that equipment stays in optimal working condition to avoid any down time.

Advanced Tools for Real-Time Support and Training

Real-time Technical Documentation with AMFMethod

AMFMethod™ provides electronic documentation that can be accessed by customers at any time. This tool includes Operator/Maintenance Manuals, Bill of Materials, and Electrical/Mechanical Drawings and is vital for maintaining and operating your equipment efficiently.

High-Level Training through AMFMethod

Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers high-quality training for new employees. This training is crucial for bringing new team members up to speed and enhancing their skills, contributing to increased bakery efficiency. It also includes knowledge articles that can be searched, enabling users to find answers to commonly asked maintenance or operations questions. For more information about this new offering,  contact [email protected].

AMFMethod™ Premium Features

We are proud to be rolling out AMFMethod™ Premium, which will include more training and expert advice for bakery teams to increase bakery efficiency. One of the new features of AMFMethod™ Premium is the Ask the Expert feature, which will allow participating bakery partners to meet virtually with an AMF expert on a quarterly basis to learn about a new topic related to commercial baking and AMF equipment. It will be a great opportunity for our bakery partners to gain deeper insight into our automated solutions and to ask questions. AMFMethod™ Premium will also feature four Technical Expert visits per year for three days (a 30 hour on site value) and finally, it will include our knowledge articles. The Knowledge Articles are searchable within the system, enabling bakery operators to find answers to commonly asked maintenance or operations questions. For more information about this new offering, contact [email protected] or your Customer Care Representative.

Future-Proof Your Bakery with AMF’s Bakery Team Solutions

AMF’s resources and tools are specifically designed to help new members of your bakery team ramp up quickly and remain supported in their role as a bakery equipment operator. With today’s high turnover rates, getting operators up to speed quickly is of great value, and bakeries that support their bakery teams with effective and efficient training from the start will have a leg up against their competitors. Contact AMF today to get the high-quality training and support your bakery team needs to increase bakery efficiency and thrive in today’s dynamic world of commercial baking.


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