Bakery Makeup Solutions:
Dough Dividers, Rounders, & More

Are you looking to maintain product quality, maximize profitability, and reduce waste in your bakery’s makeup processes?  

AMF Bakery Systems offers industry-leading Flex and Tromp makeup technologies that provide seamless, sanitary production solutions for the widest product variety. Our range of dough dividers, sheeting and laminating technologies, rounding and depositing systems, moulding and forming equipment, intermediate proofing machines, pie and waffle makers, and decorating options ensure superior quality and consistency. 


Experience unmatched scaling accuracy with AMF’s Flex bakery makeup systems and innovative dividing technology. Our extrusion, volumetric, and direct deposit dividers are designed to accurately portion dough, providing consistent results every time. Our advanced technology ensures precision and efficiency, making it easy to scale your production and meet the demands of your customers.


Discover the unparalleled flexibility and proven performance of Europe’s leading sheeting and laminating technologies by AMF Tromp. Our advanced bakery makeup systems offer a wide range of artisan and premium baked products, allowing you to meet the demands of your customers with ease. Whether you’re making croissants, pastries, or other laminated doughs, our sheeting and laminating technologies are designed to optimize your production process and ensure consistent, high-quality results every time.


Improve the uniformity and consistency of your bakery products with AMF’s innovative dough rounding technology. Our state-of-the-art solutions provide accurate and chilled rounding of dough balls, eliminating sticking and ensuring precise portions. Even if you’re working with a range of dough types, our rounding technology delivers unmatched performance and reliability for your bakery.


Revolutionize your bakery’s production with our targeted, automated solutions designed to deposit or inject a variety of sauces, batters, and fillings. Whether you’re looking to inject fillings into pastries, deposit sauces onto pizzas, or coat cakes with batter, our advanced bakery makeup systems make it easy to consistently achieve perfect results.


Improve the consistency and flexibility of your bakery’s production with our high-speed sheeting, moulding, flouring, and panning systems. AMF’s advanced bakery makeup systems provide precision and reliability, allowing you to produce a wide range of bread, bun, and roll products with unmatched consistency. Our innovative technology ensures superior product quality while also providing the flexibility you need to manage fluctuations in consumer demand.

Pizza & Pie Pressing

Streamline your pizza and pie production with our bakery make-up systems, designed to provide consistently pressed doughs. Scale production without compromising on quality. Whether you’re making traditional pies or gourmet pizzas, AMF’s bakery makeup systems make it easy to produce high-quality products efficiently and with precision.

Intermediate Proofing

Take your bakery production to the next level with our custom-configured intermediate proofing solutions. AMF’s innovative bakery makeup systems feature the most sanitary, modular design elements for a variety of product applications, providing you with unmatched precision and consistency. With our advanced proofing technology, you can ensure optimal fermentation and product quality, while also reducing waste and enhancing your bakery efficiency.

Pie Making

Transform your pie production with our best-in-class makeup systems. Our advanced solutions provide unparalleled precision and consistency for a wide variety of pies, from traditional pies to savory quiches. With our innovative technology, you can produce perfect pies every time, ensuring that your customers will come back for more.


Enhance the appeal of your premium bakery products with AMF’s innovative bakery makeup systems and decorating solutions. Our range of strewing systems, water cutters, yolk sprayers, and glazers make it easy to add an appealing finish to your products. These best-in-class technologies provide precision and consistency, giving your products a professional, high-quality appearance every time.

Local Support, Globally

We are dedicated to providing the baking industry the most accessible, responsive, and knowledgeable service. We measure our success by the success of our bakery partner, which is why we offer around-the-clock, localized support to ensure the long-term success of our bakery partners.

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