Automated Pan Handling Solutions
& Product Handling Equipment

Precise, gentle automated pan handling solutions increase efficiency and overall safety throughout your bakery.

Experience the next level of efficiency and safety with AMF’s automated pan or lid stacking and unstacking systems. Our gentle product depanners and precision pan handling solutions extend the life of your pans, reducing overall operating costs and elevating safety standards throughout your bakery.

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At AMF, the proof of our success is when our customers rise to the top. AMF is the only complete baking solutions provider with locations throughout North America and the world. We help bakeries minimize their risks and stay online with local service and support around the globe.

Magnetic Pan Stacker & Unstacker

AMF Workhorse offers versatile stacking and unstacking capabilities with our automatic pan truck loading systems, handling up to 40 pans or lids per minute.

Robotic Pan Stacker & Unstacker

Our patented soft-touch end-of-arm-tool gently stacks and unstacks multiple units at one time for longer pan life with 50% fewer parts to maintain and keep clean. 

APEX Mechanical Pan Stacker & Unstacker

APEX offers precision pan handling for the gentlest stacking and unstacking, making it the practical, proven solution for automating your bakery processes.

Den Boer Step Pan Storage

Stay tuned for more details on our innovative pan storage system!

Pan Trucks

Our robust, U-shaped pan trucks seamlessly transfer pans between stacking and unstacking systems.

Automatic Pan Relidder

Our automatic pan relidding solution properly aligns lids onto bread pans at the highest rate in the industry. 

BakeTech Edge Pan Cooler

AMF BakeTech’s compact, efficient pan cooling solution eliminates debris from previously baked products, handling up to 38 pans per minute.

BakeTech Pan Cooling Tunnel

AMF BakeTech’s Pan Cooling Tunnel offers high operating efficiency for pan cooling prior to pan stacking and recycling.

Bread Pan Cleaner

Our high-efficiency, sanitary pan cleaning solution reduces energy consumption while ensuring the gentlest pan handling.

Den Boer Depanner

More information soon on our efficient depanning solution.

APEX Bun & Roll Depanner

Gentle in-line removal of buns and rolls from pans with transfer to a product conveyor. APEX is the practical, proven solution to help you automate your processes step-by-step.

Rotary Pic-N-Pac Depanner

The AMF Workhorse headed package pick-up unit provides a smooth 180° rotary motion to remove products from pans and deposit them into a carton box, handling up to 90 ppm.

BakeTech Reverse Feed Lidder

More details coming soon on our effective pan relidding solution.

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