Sheeted Pizza/Flatbread System

THE COMPLETE SOLUTION for seamless integration, maximum performance, easy operation, less maintenance, and process efficiency.

Work alongside our dough process experts to produce expertly crafted sheeted pizzas, flatbreads, pita, naan, and tortilla products. Delight your senses with targeted decoration and topping capabilities. Leverage reliable, flexible baking solutions to achieve both rustic and high-volume baking quality for thin and crispy or tasty, thick crust products. Produce up to 80,000 pieces per hour.

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AMFConnect™ ensures the best performance from your bakery’s production line by providing access to the most advanced integrated, real-time bakery system data and unit equipment information. Access to critical operational information allows your team to make better, faster decisions improving operations and efficiency throughout your bakery.

Fully-Automated Fermentation Room

Custom-designed to meet specific fermentation times and production requirements for optimal dough development in a controlled environment.

Dough Trough

Transports dough through fermentation process and other processes throughout the bakery.

Open Frame Mixer

Sanitary Open Frame Mixer with easy access, tubular offset frame for mixing doughs up to 3,200 lbs.

Trough Hoist

Raises and lowers the dough trough when feeding dough through final mixers or dividers.

Raw Dough Conveyor

Designed with Intralox ThermoDrive® to eliminate sync marks and contamination, with transfer up to 30,000 lbs/hour.

Tromp SF Sheeting Line

Offering high-speed, stress-free production of consistently moulded products for pizzas, flatbreads, pita, naan, swirl breads, and more.

Tromp In-Line Belt Proofer

More info coming soon.

Den Boer Multibake® Tunnel Oven

Multibake® D HT is best suited for Italian-style Pizzas, Flatbreads and Pita with product baked on natural granite stone, wire mesh or steel slat. For American-style Pizza and Pizza Snacks, the Multibake® I employs indirectly heated hot air to both upper and lower side of product.

Vesta Spiral Cooler

Patented cage bar design for improved installation, maintenance, and access for full wash-down sanitation.

A-Series Conveyor

Suitable for all conveying applications and custom configured with vertical belt support rails for improved sanitation.

Tromp Waterfall Applicators

Dispersing rake applies cheese, vegetables, and proteins with independent quantity adjustments by ingredient and recirculation system to reduce product waste.

Vesta Spiral Freezer

Custom-configured with patented monopiece cage drum structure for simple installation, fully wash-down sanitation, and superior airflow.

Product Diverter

Separates pans and lids into two or three lines with up to 35 actions per minute.

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