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How does AMF help bakeries overcome challenges in commercial baking of artisan breads?

AMF Bakery Systems offers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to address the specific challenges bakeries face in the commercial production of artisan breads – 

Maintaining Consistency and Quality: Replicating the unique textures and flavors of traditional artisan breads at the commercial scale can be a challenge. For this reason, AMF offers advanced baking equipment designed to ensure consistency and quality at a larger scale. Our mixers and make-up systems are engineered to replicate the delicate processes of artisan bread making, maintaining the unique textures and flavors characteristic of these products, even in high-volume production.

Ingredient Quality and Sourcing: High-quality ingredients that meet artisan bread standards is crucial for artisan bread makers, especially as artisan breads expand to include new grains to meet consumer demands. However, fluctuations in ingredient quality can affect the final product. To overcome this challenge, AMF’s equipment is designed for precise ingredient handling. This ensures consistency in the bread-making process, even with ingredient variations.

Skilled Labor: Finding and retaining skilled labor for any commercial bakery remains a challenge today. In response, AMF offers bakery partners comprehensive training and support, ensuring bakery staff are adept at using AMF equipment effectively, thereby compensating for the industry’s skilled labor gap.

Cost Management: The cost of producing artisan breads, which often require higher quality and more expensive ingredients, along with specialized processes, can be higher compared to standard commercial bread. Fortunately, for bakeries producing artisan breads, AMF’s solutions are geared toward efficiency. By optimizing the production process and reducing waste, AMF helps bakeries manage costs while maintaining the quality of  their products. And with so many support features available, when bakeries opt to integrate their systems with AMF’s solutions, their total cost of ownership from equipment maintenance and employee training decreases.

Adapting to Consumer Preferences: AMF stays at the forefront of market trends and consumer preferences. By offering customizable and versatile equipment solutions, AMF enables bakeries to quickly adapt to changing consumer tastes in the artisan bread market.