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What are some current consumer trends in the commercial baking industry? What baked goods do bakeries sell the most?

In recent years, consumer preferences have shifted away from standard bakery items. Instead, consumers have opted for artisan breads and specialty baked goods because they are looking for more variety, higher quality products, fresher ingredients, and unique flavors. 

Artisan breads and specialty baked goods often use more natural ingredients, and they don’t contain the preservatives that may be found in traditional bakery items, which many consumers find attractive. 

Additionally, artisan breads and specialty baked goods are typically made using more traditional methods which can give them a unique complexity in taste that is not found in other products. Finally, the presentation of artisan breads and specialty baked goods can often be more visually appealing than traditional bakery items.

AMF Bakery Systems is committed to assisting bakeries as they navigate the ever-changing commercial baking industry, and we are ready to help you achieve your goals in this landscape. We are constantly learning, developing, and evolving, and we share our insights with bakeries around the world so they can capitalize on trends and shifts in consumer demand to create unique and innovative products. In fact, we encourage you to download our infographic about bakery trends in artisan bread production.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of trends like these and maximize profitability within your bakery, explore AMF Bakery System’s turnkey artisan bread solutions.