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5 Bakery Trends in Artisan Bread Production

One of the things artisan bakers must consider as consumer demand increases is the need for automated bakery equipment to successfully scale bakery operations.  When replacing the manual handling of artisan dough, automated bakery solutions can work in alignment with maintaining the same artisanal quality and consistency; the recipe is what makes the product artisanal. With best-in-class equipment solutions, automating an artisan production process will not change the product integrity but it will help bakers by reducing space requirements and minimizing the labor required to achieve the same production tasks.

Automation also allows for simple repetition and eliminates human error from the process. When consumers like a product, they want to buy the same product when they come back.  Automation is key for repeating the same recipe without variation and maintaining product consistency.

Download this infographic to explore five of the latest trends in artisan bread production.

Download the Infographic