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How does AMF help bakeries scale up production of artisan breads?

AMF helps bakeries scale up production of artisan bread by offering advanced, customizable solutions that ensure efficiency and quality. With technologies like AMF’s high-speed mixers and automated systems, bakeries can increase production volumes without sacrificing the artisanal quality of their breads. 

During the equipment setup process, AMF works closely with bakeries to ensure that production output matches current and future goals of each bakery partner. This translates to bakeries having the capacity to scale up production as demand necessitates. 

In addition, AMF’s artisanal bread solutions include modular units that simplify product changeover. This makes it easy for bakeries producing artisan breads to bake multiple types of breads, from focaccia to baguettes and everything in between, thus satisfying a wider range of customer desires. 

AMF also provides comprehensive training and support, including predictive maintenance tools and access to AMFMethod™ for continuous learning, ensuring bakery teams can effectively use and maintain their equipment for optimal production outputs.