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Does AMF support repair and modernization of other brands’ equipment?

AMF is not limited to supporting only its own brand of equipment. The company’s Repair & Modernization Team is equipped to handle a variety of brands, particularly in the oven, proofer, and cooler space through their specialized ThermalCare division. Pillars of AMF’s Repair & Modernization team are:

  • Brand Versatility: AMF’s ThermalCare division specializes in the repair and modernization of multiple manufacturer brands in the oven, proofer, and cooler space.
  • Comprehensive Services: From inspections and equipment rebuilds to upgrades and relocations, AMF offers a full range of services to support plant modernization for optimal efficiency and extended machine life.

Global Support: AMF provides local support globally, ensuring that bakeries around the world can benefit from their extensive Repair & Modernization services.