Intelligent Automation for Pizza Topping Processes

Introducing smart automation for your pizza topping process. AMF Tromp’s latest Smart Solution, working with a Waterfall Applicator, is designed to revolutionize your pizza topping processes. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this technology-driven solution reduces waste, enhances product consistency, and maximizes the return on your bakery’s investment.

Each pizza product is assessed in real-time, measuring the baseline quantity or cheese ratio, as it travels along the conveyor belt indicating to the Tromp Target Applicator or Tromp Waterfall Applicator whether to increase or reduce the quantity of cheese topping being distributed to align with pre-set product specifications. Eliminating operator intervention, AMF Tromp’s Smart Applicator Solution ensures more confident and precise bakery production with unmatched control over your topping process.

Industry 4.0 brings with it the possibility of adding artificial intelligence to food processing machines to deliver greater value to bakers. The development of AMF Tromp’s Smart Applicator Solution is based on four main principles:

  • Intelligent
    Operates autonomously without operator intervention realizing the return on your investment in less than one year!
  • Secure
    Avoids and corrects processing errors independently
  • Predictive
    Learns and anticipates future events
  • Connected
    Interacts seamlessly with other machines and systems
Smart Topping Applicator

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Topping Autonomy Delivered

Bringing Intelligent Autonomy To Pizza Topping
Steps to Complete Autonomy In A Bakery Production Environment

What are AMF’s Smart Solutions?

Our growing portfolio of smart service and software solutions is engineered to continuously enhance your production process using machine learning. No operator intervention required. Our flagship Smart Solution, the Smart Applicator by AMF Tromp, leverages AI to optimize cheese application for pizza production. It precisely applies cheese to pizzas while delivering immediate value.


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Cheese Applicator for Pizza

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Learn more about AMF’s solid and liquid topping applicators engineered by AMF Tromp for the most precise topping applications and product consistency.

AMF’s Vision on Industry 4.0

We believe Digitalization and Sustainability will be the main drivers for our bakery customers in the coming years. We believe that a light’s out bakery is the future and AMF’s Smart Solutions will help us partner with our bakery and food producing customers to achieve that reality.

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