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What AMF equipment solutions are ideal for commercial pizza and flatbread production?

AMF offers best-in-class equipment solutions specifically engineered for the commercial production of pizza and flatbreads. AMF Fusion’s horizontal batch mixers initiate our pizza and flatbread production lines by producing  consistent, uniform dough for a wide range of applications and batch sizes with maximum dough control and unmatched reliability. Depending on the variety of pizza or flatbread product being created, AMF Flex supports the dough dividing and rounding processes, or AMF Tromp provides their industry-leading dough sheeting and laminating expertise. After the dough is processed and formed, AMF’s proofer units ensure optimal proofing conditions to maintain consistent dough quality while reducing proof times.

Following the dough preparation, our flexible, modular tunnel ovens efficiently bake the pizza crusts, ensuring excellent product consistency and quality. Once the crusts are baked, AMF Vesta’s Spiral Cooler prepares the crusts for ingredient application by AMF Tromp’s precise topping systems, thus enhancing flavor and presentation.

Supporting the entire production line, AMF Convay’s conveying systems efficiently transfer products through the necessary stages, including freezing with AMF Vesta Spiral Freezers. Downstream processes are streamlined with our Workhorse robotic systems for automated post-packaging, improving productivity and profitability by ensuring efficient case loading and palletizing. This end-to-end approach ensures top-quality production and maximum operational efficiency.

We offer customizable equipment solutions for commercial pizza and flatbread production. If you are interested in learning about our pizza and flatbread technologies in greater depth, download the free brochure below!

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