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Nurturing Sustainability in Industrial Baking: A Comprehensive Approach

The baking industry’s sustainability goals can be achieved through a combination of large and small efforts. For an industry as large as commercial baking, even small reductions in energy, water, and waste have wide-ranging effects. Advanced technology has empowered commercial bakeries to take incredible leaps forward in sustainable operations.  

For untold energy and waste savings, bakeries can leverage a variety of solutions, such as energy-saving oven coatings, fuel alternatives, automation, circular design, and zero-waste manufacturing.  

Engineering a Sustainable Commercial Bakery: Net Zero in Action 

Harness Nanoparticles to Use 20% Less Energy  

Emisshield® Energy Saving Oven Technology is a patented nano-emissive coating applied to oven tracks in BakeTech Continuous Ovens. Emisshield® reduces friction, resulting in up to 20% energy savings in thermal applications while increasing oven capacity and improving uniformity in baked bread and buns. Lubrication cycles will also last much longer, allowing you to use half as much oil as normal.   

Reduce Emissions with Electricity  

Electric power emerges as an energy-efficient alternative for proofers and ovens since it conserves more energy when transforming electricity directly into heat. Electric also has a more even heat distribution throughout the baking process, which produces baked goods with consistent texture, color, and taste.   

The electric Multibake® E Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is a testament to the synergy between energy efficiency and superior heat distribution.  

Maximize Energy Efficiency with Automation: The Lights Out Bakery   

The Lights Out Bakery is the pinnacle of automation in commercial baking and represents AMF’s moonshot vision toward a more sustainable, automated, and data-driven bakery.  Advanced analytics continuously monitor and optimize production to use the least amount of energy needed while minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime.  

From mixing to post-packaging, AMF has introduced the Bakery Intelligence portfolio of technologies to make the Lights Out Bakery a reality while reducing CO2 emissions, eliminating waste, and improving product quality. 

One of the green production innovations within the Bakery Intelligence portfolio is AMF’s predictive maintenance. Bakery teams can proactively identify and address potential production issues before they lead to equipment failure. Like a car’s check engine light, predictive maintenance provides invaluable insight into your machine’s health. This approach prioritizes optimizing throughput and minimizing product waste, making it a valuable strategy for operational efficiency.    

Releasing 99.9% Less CO2: The Multibake VITA Tunnel Oven    

The Multibake® VITA Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer stands as an innovation in baking with its patented hydrogen-fueled burners, revolutionizing the industry by virtually eliminating all carbon dioxide emissions. Notably, this oven is the world’s first of its kind in industrial baking to harness the power of hydrogen for baking and introduces significant progress towards our commitment to environmental sustainability.  

Like other models, the oven is modular and adaptable to fit your floor plans and suited for various product applications such as pizza, artisan bread, pastries, pies, soft bread, and more.  

Rising for Sustainability: AMF’s 2030 Vision  

AMF Bakery Systems is continually proving that sustainability is within our DNA as we rise alongside our baking customers to help achieve the industry’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050. In alignment with that, AMF has committed to a 30% reduction in its operations’ environmental impact across the value chain by 2030.  

AMF’s sustainability vision encompasses three main pillars: 

  • Product Innovation: By the end of 2025, all machines will include a Life Cycle Analysis to contribute to circular and sustainable bakery operations.  
  • Environmental Improvements: Each operating facility is focused on zero-waste manufacturing by reducing utility usage, minimizing waste, and partnering with suppliers to eliminate waste throughout the process.  
  • Social Engagement: AMF is focused on engaging our teams and communities with organizations that fight to reduce food insecurity globally while building a better world for future generations through learning opportunities and building a more equitable workforce. 

Solutions for Your Sustainability Goals  

Efficient operations work best through adaptable, customizable solutions based on the realities of your business. AMF product specialists help you find tailor-made solutions that align with and elevate your sustainability goals. Contact us today to embark on a sustainable journey that transforms not just your bakery but the entire industry. Together, let’s create a future where better food leads to better lives.