Dual Fuel Tunnel Ovens

Minimize downtime and reduce waste with dual fuel tunnel oven options by AMF Den Boer. Often used in areas where utilities and ‘standards’ like gas and electricity are not always 24/7 available, the Dual Fuel option integrates independent heating systems within a single tunnel oven.

With the modular Den Boer concept, we can guarantee the availability of the most optimal production oven with various combinations like electricity and gas, or sometimes diesel or oil. The Multibake® R Radiant Tunnel Oven & Multibake® I Air Impingement Tunnel Ovens are available for food producers all around the world.

The Multibake® R Dual Fuel is suitable for:
– Soft Bread and Buns
– Tin Bread and Lidded Bread
– Baguettes
– Cupcakes
– Rusk, Biscottes

The Multibake® I Dual Fuel is the best choice for:
– Cakes and Pies
– Artisanal Bread and Rolls
– Pizza and Flatbreads
– Pastries and Croissants
– Cookies and Cereals

Ensure Oven Reliability

Bakeries that are in remote locations or regions often have no grid availability for gas (G20) or propane. Via storage tanks, daily transport and local piping systems, the fuels are made available for the ovens. When transport or availability becomes unreliable, a dual fuel oven system, ensures maximum uptime for production. Even the new Hydrogen tunnel oven can be dual fueled, with Hydrogen and Natural gas.

Dual Fuel Burners

Fuel Combinations

There are some dual fuel options or oven types that have been installed in many production bakeries over the years.  A combination of Oil and Electricity is often used. When the electricity is not available, local stored oil, from tanks on the premises, is the dual fuel option that is used to heat and fire up the band oven. Oil and other fossil fuels are more commonly used around the globe and obtainability is adequate in most countries, some even better than others and at fairly good prices.  

Advantages of Dual Fuel

The Multibake® R and I are indirect fired ovens and can be both equipped with dual fuel burners.  

The available burners function on Natural Gas / Propane or Diesel oil burning clean fuel gases, lighting oils or both simultaneously. Low horsepower requirements reduce initial and ongoing operating costs. The burner uses compressed air for oil atomization and has a compact design for easy installation and maintenance. The dual fuel option provides application flexibility with: turndown up to 20:1; heat releases up to 2.750,000 Btu/hr (800 kW).   


Soft Bread and Buns
Artisanal Bread and Rolls
Pizza and Flatbreads
Cupcakes and Pastries
Cookies and Cereals

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