Zero Emission Hydrogen Tunnel Oven

The new Multibake® VITA Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is a direct-fired oven using patent-pending hydrogen fueled burners to improve sustainability in baking. Available in multiple configurations, the tunnel or band ovens, deliver consistent product quality and higher throughput for pizzas, artisan bread, pastries, cakes, muffins, pies, soft bread, buns, and rolls using green energy or hydrogen as its renewable resource.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    Results in up to 99.9% less CO2 emissions during your baking process. The zero emission oven offers the lowest environmental impact compared to gas-fueled commercial ovens.
  • Improved Cost Savings
    Utilizing renewable, green energy sources and reliable oven belt and parts reduces overall cost of ownership. Service contracts ensure maximum uptime and improved productivity.
  • Prepare For Future Growth
    The modular, pre-assembled Multibake® Oven allows for efficient installation and flexibility as you continue to grow your product portfolio.
  • Achieve Sustainability Goals
    Hydrogen fueled burners are designed as a retrofit solution for existing Den Boer ovens fueled by natural gas. Kit availability and delivery is just a few weeks.

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Zero CO2 Emissions

Historically, most tunnel ovens burn natural gas which produces a high concentration of CO2 during the baking process. As part of a shared global mission ‘Better Food. Better Lives.’, the Multibake® VITA Tunnel Oven helps bakers meet sustainability objectives and improve lives by running solely on hydrogen gas reducing the commercial baking industry’s environmental impact.

Proven Performance

As the most important piece of unit equipment within the bakery, the baking system determines the quality, appearance, taste, and freshness of the baked product. To ensure oven technologies are properly suited for customers, AMF’s Innovation Center is readily available for customers wanting to test recipes or prove the hydrogen technology maintains optimal product quality.

Live Demonstrations

Challenge us with your own product formulations through a live demonstration and performance evaluation of the VITA Tunnel Oven at our Innovation Center.

Efficient Lead Times

With over 100 years of thermal expertise, the modular Multibake® concept provides an efficient custom engineered solution with short lead times for delivery and installation.

Retrofit Burner Solutions

Upgrade your existing Den Boer Tunnel Oven with the patent-pending hydrogen fueled burners to improve energy efficiency.

Your Baking Partner of Choice

As part of our turnkey solution for sustainable baking, we work with your team to consult and support your hydrogen production and storage facilities, subsidies, certification, and installation offering a seamless start-up.

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