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How do AMF’s solutions contribute to energy efficiency in commercial baking?

AMF is deeply committed to sustainability and energy efficiency in commercial baking. Our innovative solutions are designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing output. For example, our Sustainable Oven Service can save up to 20% on natural gas and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20%. This service is now standard on all new AMF Den Boer ovens, but can also be retrofitted on other non-AMF brands.

AMF also focuses on building data-driven bakery systems that increase operational efficiencies, further contributing to energy savings. Our smart bakery equipment is equipped with features that monitor machine data and provide predictive maintenance recommendations, ensuring that your equipment runs optimally and consumes less energy over time.

In addition, AMF’s vision of a “lights-out bakery” aims to improve quality and sustainability by reducing human inputs, thereby streamlining operations and conserving energy. This forward-thinking approach ensures that our systems are not only efficient today but are also geared to meet future sustainability goals.

By choosing AMF, you’re investing in solutions that prioritize energy efficiency, helping you to reduce your environmental footprint while also enjoying decreased production costs.

Better for Baking. Better for the Planet.