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How do AMF’s solutions help in reducing waste in commercial baking?

AMF Bakery Systems is committed to reducing waste in commercial baking through a variety of innovative solutions. One of the key ways AMF helps bakeries minimize waste is through data-driven bakery systems that increase operational efficiencies. These systems are designed to optimize resource use, from ingredients to energy, thereby reducing waste and lowering costs.

Additionally, AMF offers solutions like the Sustainable Oven Service, which focuses on reducing energy usage by finding the optimal baking conditions for specific bakery applications. In addition to reduced energy waste, this minimizes food waste, as less product is rejected due to quality issues.

Other products of note when it comes to waste reduction include AMF Tromp Smart Applicator, Powershot Depositor, and the MultiVac Flour Reclaim System. AMF Tromp’s Smart Applicator reduces waste in pizza production by analyzing the multi-stage assembly and applying the optimal amount of toppings on each pizza. Likewise, AMF Tromp’s Powershot Depositor controls the volume of sauces that get spread on pizza to avoid over-applying sauce, which can result in waste. Additionally, AMF’s MultiVac Flour Reclaim System allows bakeries to reclaim and reuse dusting flour in a hygienic manner to reduce flour wastage. 

AMF’s Repair & Modernization team also plays a role in waste reduction. By providing equipment repairs and upgrades, this team ensures that bakeries can extend the life of their existing equipment, which reduces the need for new purchases and minimizes waste associated with equipment turnover.