tromp powershot sauce depositor

AMF Tromp Powershot Depositor

For Applying Tomato & White Sauces on Pizza, Focaccia, & Flatbreads 

The Tromp Powershot Depositor dispenses targeted, smooth sauce on top of pizzas with the volume individually controlled by lane for pre- and post-baking sauce application. Its “no product – no deposit” detection offers improved accuracy, even at high-speed production. 

Key benefits

  • “No product, no deposit” ensures accurate application and reduced ingredient waste.
  • Independent lane control allows for recipe-based volume dispensing.
  • Consistently centered and edge-free alignment of the deposit creates uniform products.
  • Complete washdown capability aids in easy cleaning.
  • Compact C-frame design allows for simple integration into existing production lines.
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Product Applications

veggie pizza
deep dish pizza

The AMF Tromp Powershot Depositor helps create various products and serves many applications in your bakery, including:

  • Depositing tomato sauce
  • Depositing pizza sauce
  • Depositing crème sauces
  • Pizza – regular sizes
  • Focaccia
  • Mini pizzas & pizza baguettes

Powershot Depositor Equipment Features

  • Working widths from 600 – 1200 mm for up to 16-inch pizza sizes 
  • Up to 200 strokes per minute per lane 
  • Viscosity levels between 5 and 17 (Bostwick) 
  • Process temperatures of 1 – 10° Celsius / 33.8 – 50° Fahrenheit 
  • Easy to clean and simple changeover to other pizza sizes 
  • Fully electronic controls use no pressurized air 
  • Recipe-specific depositing profiles possible 
  • No mechanical wear due to air gap 
  • 496 kWh annual energy consumption for 435 kg Co2/ year, a 92% reduction from previous models 
  • Depositing and suction speed control via HMI 

“No product, no deposit” detection, even at high-speed mass production. Reliable and very sustainable unit for food producers.

Viscosity levels between 5 and 17 (Bostwick)

Up to 200 strokes per minute per lane

Compact C-frame design

Depositing and suction control via HMI

Efficient & Sustainable Sauce Application

The Next Generation of Powershot Depositors

In alignment with AMF Bakery System’s quest for continuous improvement, AMF Tromp introduces the high-performing Powershot Depositor with elevated functionality and new features. Among the enhancements were:

  • reduced cost of ownership, CO2 emissions, and noise 
  • no air consumption and mechanical wear due to air gap 
  • increased suction speed control and washdown capabilities


AMF Tromp depositing solutions are available in multiple configurations to accurately handle a variety of sauces with flexible tooling and programming possibilities. 

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