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What are some common manual processes that can be automated in a bakery?

Some common manual processes that can be automated in a bakery include: 

  • Automating ingredient scaling – Automatically weighing and measuring ingredients for accurate portioning and minimized giveaway
  • Automating dough mixing – Utilizing an automated dough control system to optimize the mixing process based on ingredients and other variables to achieve consistent dough quality
  • Automating baking time and temperature control – Setting pre-defined, recipe-driven baking times and temperature settings to optimize product quality and consistency 
  • Automating dough dividing and shaping – Using automated machines to consistently divide dough within narrow weight parameters before moulding it into specific shapes, such as rolls, loaves, or other desired shapes
  • Automating product packaging and labeling processes – Packaging products automatically for quicker turnaround times and reduced labor costs
  • Automating delivery & fulfillment – Utilizing robotics and automation technologies to load products, palletize goods, and load dollies in a timely manner with minimal human intervention required

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