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What do you mean by “automated bakery solutions”?

“Automated bakery solutions” refers to the use of technology to streamline the process of baking goods. This includes incorporating automated processes into:

  • Measuring ingredients
  • Mixing batter
  • Forming dough
  • Baking goods
  • Packaging baked goods for sale
  • Pan handling
  • Product loading and palletizing

Automated solutions can be implemented in various ways, including using recipe-driven technology and robotic handling equipment. This equipment can be programmed to do specific tasks like those listed above. 

Automation can also help with sanitation, as it reduces manual processes that can lead to product contamination. Finally, automated bakery solutions make it easier for businesses to keep track of their production and inventory levels in real-time, which increases efficiency and profitability.

AMF Bakery Systems provides innovative, high-speed unit equipment and complete system solutions that are designed to reduce labor costs, increase production capacity, and enhance product quality. From weighing portions accurately and mixing dough to complete packaging solutions and decoration capabilities, AMF Bakery Systems enables commercial bakeries to scale strategically and efficiently.