Bake-Tech Continuous Oven

AMF's Bake-Tech Continuous Oven completes the continuous proof and bake system ensuring the most consistently baked product, tray after tray. With the most balanced burner configuration, the Bake-Tech Continuous Oven improves center bake while offering greater control and a more stable, predictable product.

Better Temperature Control

With six individually programmed temperature zones, Bake-Tech Continuous Ovens ensure the most consistent baking profile with complete control of the product. Uniform top and bottom air flows from the right to the left side of the oven allowing the most effective heat transfer to the pans. Emisshield coated track covers ensure optimal heat balance throughout the baking process while keeping the track cool, reducing lubrication and improving overall energy efficiency.

Reliable Track and Chain Design

Interchangeable proofer and oven tracks are bolted, rather than welded, for easier maintenance and maximum rigidity. Designed with the highest quality components for lower wear and longer life, AMF's endless chain system provides more uptime with the least cost of ownership.


Standard or Classic Twin Oval

5-foot (1524 mm) radius curves to automate small lines at minimum cost.

MidiSaver Twin Oval

7-foot (2134 mm) radius curves to fit most bakery layouts.

MaxiSaver Twin Oval

10-foot (3048 mm) radius curves reducing endless speeds by 20%.

MegaSaver Twin Oval

10-foot (3048 mm) radius curves for today's large format pans.