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How can bakeries reduce their carbon footprint with AMF’s solutions?

AMF is deeply committed to sustainability and offers solutions that enable bakeries to reduce their carbon footprint. By partnering with AMF, bakeries can benefit from:

  • Sustainable Equipment and Supply Chains: AMF is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and the equipment used in customers’ bakeries. We design machines to eliminate waste and build recyclable machines. Our goal is to produce and deliver low emissions products, innovate with bakeries to reduce waste, and design sustainability into every aspect of their operations. 
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions: AMF is actively evaluating our product portfolio to identify and address the largest energy consumers, driving continuous improvement and innovation programs. We are committed to achieving a 30% reduction in our operations’ environmental impact across the value chain by 2030.
  • Product Life Cycle Planning: AMF provides life cycle analyses with all our equipment to support bakeries in reaching their sustainability goals.
  • Reduced Resource Consumption: When bakeries purchase from AMF, they can rest assured that the equipment they are receiving has been manufactured using minimal energy and producing minimal waste. AMF is committed to reducing energy usage, water usage, and waste. By 2030, AMF aims to reduce their net carbon emissions by 50%, and by 2050 to use only renewable energy within their operations.

By integrating AMF’s solutions into their production processes, bakeries can reduce their carbon footprint while enhancing their operations, making the future more sustainable for all.