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How can I test or validate my bakery processes before I invest in capital equipment?

An industrial or commercial baker should test and validate their processes prior to investing in automation equipment, and this can be done by conducting a thorough evaluation of their current baking systems and processes. This evaluation should include an analysis of existing workflows and identification of possible areas of improvement.

The Repair & Modernization Group at AMF Bakery Systems offers on-site evaluations and assessments. Upon completion of the assessment, the R&M team will provide feedback on your processes and offer potential areas for improvement. Our team will analyze your bakery’s processes and prepare a comprehensive inspection report with recommendations to improve safety, streamline operations, maximize efficiency, ensure equipment reliability, reduce waste, and eliminate downtime. 

From there, bakers have the opportunity to analyze how technology works within their existing processes, assess where their processes will need to be modified, and research product solutions and industrial baking equipment to take your bakery to the next level.
For more information about our Repair and Modernization Group and the services they provide, download our Bakery Repair & Modernization guide today, or email us at [email protected].