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How easy is it to clean and maintain AMF’s hygienically designed equipment?

At AMF Bakery Systems, we design our bakery equipment with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind. Our machines are crafted for easy access to all areas, ensuring operators can thoroughly clean even hard-to-reach spots. The surfaces are smooth and designed to minimize dough stickage, simplifying the cleaning process. Additionally, specific products contain additional features to simplify sanitation. For example, our spiral proofers and coolers feature a Clean-in-Place (CIP) belt washer and dryer system for enhanced hygiene, and the HDBFlex Acupan Bun System is specifically designed to eliminate divider oil, thus removing the need for oil cleanup and further streamlining the sanitation process. For more information about the ease of cleaning for specific equipment, make sure to download the associated brochure on the product page you’re interested in, and reach out to [email protected] for further information.