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What solutions does AMF offer for seasonal demand fluctuations?

AMF supports bakeries in meeting seasonal demand fluctuations on multiple fronts. First, AMF collaborates with bakeries to tailor equipment solutions for managing seasonal demand fluctuations, particularly notable during the busy summer bun season. Before any capital equipment orders are placed, AMF ensures that a bakery’s system is configured to achieve the maximum output envisioned, preparing bakeries to meet peak production demands efficiently. By configuring equipment to run at desired outputs ranges, AMF enables bakeries to produce goods at the high-end of their production needs during busy times and scale back during slower seasons. While some bakeries choose to continue operating at the same rate but cut back operational hours during slower seasons, AMF can also configure equipment to handle moderate slow downs.

Another solution AMF provides to combat seasonal fluctuations is combination systems, which allow bakeries to switch production from one product to another as demand shifts throughout the year. This is a popular solution for bakeries who want to produce buns in the summertime when people are traveling, eating out more, and spending more time grilling out, and then switch to producing bread after Labor Day when school resumes and bread demand switches from buns to loaves.

In addition to configuring equipment based on specific bakery needs and offering combination systems, AMF supports bakeries with seasonal demand fluctuations through predictive maintenance tools and comprehensive customer care support. AMF’s predictive maintenance tools use machine data monitoring to forecast maintenance needs. This allows bakeries to proactively address potential issues before they impact production, ensuring continuous operation. Additionally, AMF’s customer care offers lifetime support to bakery partners, which includes operator tools and training through AMFMethod™ and, when necessary, remote access to equipment to swiftly diagnose and rectify any issues, ensuring bakeries remain productive through fluctuating demands.