High Temperature or
Pre-Bake Tunnel Oven

The Multibake® HT Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is a high temperature oven which reaches max. 500 °C or 932°F. Even under tough, confined operational conditions with the burner surface heated up to 1050°C, no flashback occurs. Because of the large opening angle of the burner, infrared radiation is evenly radiated throughout the zone. Common use for this oven is also pre-baking products for foodservice and supermarkets, like pizza.

Multibake® HT is a typical tunnel oven solution for many applications in the food industry, where extreme high temperatures are needed in the baking process. Baking at high temperature, in a production belt oven, at high speed is what this variety of tunnel oven offers. 

Oven Section

The direct heated sections are equipped with a number of stainless-steel radiant burners, with a diameter of approx. 60 mm or square 80 mm width. The Metal Fibre Burner consists of knitted 100% Metal Fibre Yarn. It combines the excellent performance of the sintered Metal Fibre Burner with the advantage of textile. Because of the metal content it is traceable which makes it ideal for use in the food industry.

Infrared Radiant Burners

Main Advantages of IR Radiant Burners

  • Direct transfer of energy (without contact/air movement) from transmitter to product  
  • Precise control and power modulation  
  • High power density  

Standard blue flame burners radiate at the visible light wavelength (λ < 1 μm), and heat transfer is thus mainly due to convection. IR burners operate at wavelengths between 1 < λ < 1000 μm. As can be seen in the absorption graph IR burners transfer heat not only by convection, like a blue flame burner, but are also highly efficiency because of the high absorption of IR radiation of water and steel.   

Dough and belt are therefore heated up very efficient which make IR burners the ideal solution for biscuit lines and very short bake processes.  

Key Features

  • Baking Time is Contact Time (Belt Pre-heat)
  • Process Temperature Up to 500 °C
  • Direct Gas Fired (Natural Gas and Propane)
  • Sanitation and Maintenance Access Under the Oven
  • Modulating Design (100-500 kW/m2)
  • Independent Belt Pre-heat
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership Compared to Conventional Ovens
  • Excellent Colour Control Due to IR Technology
  • Flawless Product Takeover at Infeed and Outfeed

Infrared Radiation Advantages

-Direct Transfer of Energy from Emitter to Product
-High Power Density
-Precise Control and Power Modulation
-Advantages for Process & Industrial Installation
-Local Heating with Energy Savings
-Lower Heating Time
-Precise Quantity of Energy Used
-Compactness (Due to High-power Density)
-Quality Increase (In Function of Process Type)


Pizza, Pizza Bases
and Flatbreads
Wraps, Tortillas, and Thins
Pita, Lavash, Taftoon,
Naan, Roti, Chapati, Tunnbröd
Barbari, Sangak, Focaccia
Bagels and Sandwich Thins

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