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Teammates On The Rise 

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As the modern workplace continues to evolve, correlating time-honored upward career trajectory with success can limit teammates looking to grow within an organization. Being promoted to manager is no longer the only way to indicate organizational growth and individual achievement.

At AMF, we realize that career paths beyond the traditional management course are necessary to ensure our success and meet the needs of our customers and teammates. As a result, we prioritize promoting from within as it ensures we continue empowering and motivating our talented teammates while generating value for our organization and stakeholders.


Jess Shows
Outside Sales Customer Care Representative (C)

One of the major contributors to employee turnover is the lack of career growth opportunities. Teammates interested in exploring opportunities for roles that will allow them to continue doing work they enjoy and remain at a company they are proud to be a part of are typically passionate and perform well. 

For example, Jess Shows is an AMF teammate who transitioned from a Mechanical Engineering role to an Outside Sales Customer Care Representative. He started at AMF in January 2020 and was interested in a position that would allow him to do what he loves at an established organization. However, after discovering a need to relocate to be closer to relatives in a different part of the country, Jess knew he would need to reexamine his position and possibly leave AMF if he did not have the flexibility of working remotely.

“My managers fostered a ‘come to me with anything’ type of work environment. Once I explained my situation, they began reaching out to other departments to see if any open opportunities were available based on my strengths and interests. I’m very thankful to everyone who worked with me. I’m motivated to continue delivering great work and providing our customers with great service.”


Teammates who grow their careers within AMF are a great asset because they already know our business and products. This understanding allows them to have the ability to comprehend the quality level at which we work as well as what’s essential to the customers we serve. Jess stated,

“I believe one of my strengths is communicating technical details about the equipment we build with non-technical people. While understanding the capacity of the equipment is essential, not all people we encounter understand it at that level. This ability is something I carried with me into my new role. What’s more, I feel like I can connect to many different types of people on multiple levels, and that familiarity is helping me tremendously in Customer Care.


The overall culture at AMF is one of team unity and collaboration. Teammates who join us in one role and transition to others enter their new roles with an understanding of the culture here and feel that the company is a good fit for them. Jess told us that he was drawn to the AMF culture in the early stages of his initial job interviews because of the good impressions he encountered.

“Everyone I met during my interviews was approachable, making me want to be a part of AMF even more. One of the things that excited me about the role in Customer Care is that I would be able to continue working with like-minded teammates and contribute to building something new.”

Being in tune with the kinds of teammates our organization needs to run successfully and providing adequate support for those teammates is vital to our success. So, in addition to our customers winning, our teammates thrive. Jess told us,

“When I look into the future, I certainly see myself with AMF. I hope to retire from AMF. This new role presented a lot of opportunity. It aligns with one of my favorite quotes: Don’t look for a better job, Do a better job. It helps me remember that we’re all on the same team and pulling on the same rope. We are always better when we work together.” 


We are incredibly proud of our diverse global teams filled with talented people. We believe in fostering our diverse workforce’s professional development and personal potential. When our teammates win, we win. Click here to learn more about us. We have career opportunities available at many of our global sites, and information about them can be found here. Rise Together. Win Together.