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A bakery’s success is measured by the performance quality of the team and development initiatives put in place to ensure that the team is high functioning. According to Research firm Retensa, the turnover rate for food manufacturing reached 23% in 2019. Touchpoints along the Employee Life Cycle provide opportunities for employers to strengthen the employer-employee relationship and minimize turnover. When bakery leaders capitalize on those touchpoints, exceptional bakery teams are born.

At AMF, we recognize that a lot goes into perfecting the formula for building the optimal bakery team. The development phase is critical for teammates who are developing the tools and skills needed to succeed in their roles. Hands-on training and self-paced learning are crucial to teammates retaining information and growing their confidence. Fortunately, AMFMethod™ offers digital documentation and virtual education through easy, online access to manuals, equipment documentation, and training modules. 

We’ve outlined three steps bakeries can take to ensure their team is equipped for maximum performance and exceptional productivity. When bakeries implement the following practices, they build winning teams that endure for long-term growth and success. 

Set Clear Expectations

By investing in teammates during the development phase, teammates have a better understanding of the expectations for their performance and how to succeed in their role. AMFMethod™ eliminates the need for libraries of documentation and makes it easier to access equipment-specific information. From parts to procedures, AMFMethod™ provides thorough training for performing daily tasks to ensure maximum productivity and focus. For production line operators, that includes understanding proper safety protocol, regular equipment maintenance, system sanitation processes, and precise operational procedures. Self-paced learning eliminates misinterpretation and ensures equipment is operated correctly, no matter who is running it.  

Help Teammates Help Themselves

When teammates have product and equipment knowledge, they have the confidence to do more. Effective teams are equipped to operate at peak performance to meet market demand. When implementing technology and process innovations, AMFMethod™ makes it possible for teammates to train regularly for current and new equipment. Furthermore, new employees can access digitally archived base manuals for training on older equipment.  

Provide Efficient Training During Onboarding And Beyond

AMFMethod™ enables bakeries to ensure that employee growth is not by chance, but rather an integrated support solution that will empower bakery success. Virtual learning helps improve employee satisfaction long term. As employees are empowered to carry out tasks independently, increased confidence in their role improves overall productivity. An organization is more likely to report low turnover with higher individual job satisfaction.

Empowered bakeries are built and sustained with high functioning teams at their core. When bakery leaders invest in building a quality bakery team, improved operations, and bakery success follows. Interested in learning more about AMFMethod™ and how it can help your organization? Contact Larry Gore at [email protected] for more information.