AGV for Dough Troughs

Automatic Guided Vehicle for Dough Troughs

The robust, self-propelled transportation vehicle moves heavy dough troughs precisely to specific positions within the fermentation room and throughout the complete dough system. Through an exclusive partnership with DTA, AMF’s Automatic Guided Vehicle (or AGV) for trough handling is adapted to fit many bakery layouts while simplifying the trough handling process.

Key benefits

  • EFFICIENCY: Omni-directional wireless technology utilizes self-navigating software to optimize transportation routes for optimal efficiency
  • PERFORMANCE: Smooth, quiet and trackless operation ensures 24 hours/day production without operator interaction
  • RELIABILITY: Engineered with more than three decades of AGV experience through exclusive DTA partnership
  • SAFETY: Machine mounted scanners operate within safety zones to ensure smooth and safe operations
  • SIMPLICITY: Autonomous operating system requires minimal weekly preventative sanitation and maintenance
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Product Applications

Soft Buns
Soft Bread
Artisan Bread and Rolls
Cheese Crackers

AMF’s AGV trough transportation technology is suitable for a wide range of bakery applications including:

  • Soft Bread & Buns
  • Artisan Bread & Rolls
  • Pizza & Flatbreads
  • Snack Foods
  • Pet Treats

Equipment Features

The use of an Automatic Guided Vehicle improves operational safety and access to sanitation in sponge fermentation areas as required in bakery environments.

Fusion Fermentation Rooms

Reliable, welded stainless steel frame design with two position lifting mechanism.

High-performance wireless communication from HMI to AGV PLC for efficient operator response.

Omnidirectional AGV

Omni-directional wheels with trouble-free routing logic avoids conflicts with adjacent operational equipment.

AGV Sensors

Sensors and safety scanners safely stop AGV movement should an obstacle be detected. 

AGV Charging Station

Easy access charging station at key route locations allows rechargeable batteries to fill throughout the day for continuous operation. 

Remote control operation allows for easy control and simple route changes during transportation.

Fermentation Integration AGV

Vehicle routing management easily available through recipe settings in HMI.

Fusion Fermentation Rooms
Omnidirectional AGV
AGV Sensors
AGV Charging Station
Fermentation Integration AGV

Additional Information

Engineering Excellence

AMF’s AGV technology is designed and manufactured by DTA, exclusively for AMF Bakery Systems.

Flexible Configurations

Customized layout integrations for a variety of troughs, dough handling equipment and mixer system solutions.

Local Support,

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