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What are the best industrial mixers for artisan bread production?

When it comes to artisan bread production, selecting the right industrial mixer is crucial for achieving the perfect dough consistency, ensuring process sanitation, and accommodating a variety of artisan bread products. Fortunately, AMF Bakery Systems offers some of the best bakery mixing solutions in the market, including the AMF Fusion Open Frame Mixer.

With exceptional process consistency and sanitation capabilities, the AMF Fusion Open Frame Mixer is an ideal choice for a wide range of artisan bread products and can mix dough types weighing 800 lbs (363 kg) to 3,200 lbs (1,452 kg). This horizontal mixer offers superior dough cooling through the DuraBowl™ refrigeration jacket and an optional Polar Bar cooling package. This feature ensures ideal process consistency and final dough temperature control, which are critical for artisan bread quality. The Refrigeration Jacket is designed to be stress-relieved, extending the mixer’s performance life. Furthermore, the AMF Mixer Guardian power and process monitoring systems,  configured by recipe, detect irregularities in the mixing process so the operator can improve its production.

The open frame design prioritizes ease of cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that bakers can meet the highest standards of food safety and quality.  It also seamlessly integrates with AMF’s Dough Chunker or Dough Pumps, Dough Incline Conveyor, and Dough Transfer Conveyors for a complete dough handling system.

For artisan bakers looking to elevate their bread production, AMF Fusion Open Frame Mixer offers the reliability, consistency, and quality needed to produce exceptional artisan breads.