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Increasing Flexibility In Batter Depositing

March 2020 AMF Tromp Unimac Depositors come with interchangeable depositing heads suitable for large or small products, including cookies, batters, meringues, éclairs, gluten-free bread, choux-paste and more on high-speed lines. This technology solves one of the biggest challenges for depositing: pan configuration.

Kwik Trip’s Vertically Integrated Bakery Operation Means Business In The C-Store Game

February 2020 On the bread side, three 2,000-lb AMF vertical mixers feed one AMF makeup line that produces a variety of bread loaves at an astonishing rate for 1-lb loaves: 225 per minute. “We broke the record for AMF,” Mr. Reimer proclaimed. “Their old record was around 209, and I said, “We can go faster than that.” The three pocket divider cuts 75 per minute per pocket, and dough balls are weighed by a BSI system that rejects any that are out of spec and reintroduces the dough back into the process. In all, the operation produces around 18,000 lb of bread per hour. “It’s pretty impressive when all of a sudden you see how many loaves of bread we made,” Mr. Reimer said.

R&D Inspirations for Next Generation Pizzas

February 2020 According to Technomic’s 2018 Pizza Consumer Trend Report, 83 % of U.S. customers eat pizza at least once per month, with 43 % opting for pizza every week. Hans Besems, executive product manager, AMF Bakery Systems, Richmond, VA, is noticing a demand for more artisanal products with recognizable toppings. “The trend is toward more healthy products,” he says. People want to know what they’re eating. If you put tomato or bell peppers on a pizza, consumers want to easily recognize the topping.

Tips To Increase Accuracy In Batter Depositing

February 2020 Precision in depositing batters isn’t just about positioning and type of nozzle; it’s also about the weight to be deposited. This is called mass flow, and measuring it can be tricky. ‘On AMF Tromp Depositors, with each new recipe selected on the touch screen, all settings are automatically set,’ said Hans Besems, executive product manager. “Also, operators can easily adjust this by the touch screen if they want more or less batter for that product.”

Grupo Bimbo’s Servitje Reminds Consumers Bread Is Not The Enemy

February 2020 “We also know that consumers are much more interested in what companies are doing with regards to corporate social responsibility and the environment.”

Since Sliced Bread: Aryzta’s Jon Davis Makes The Case for Heirloom and Sprouted Grains

January 2020 While sliced bread may be struggling for a variety of reasons, Jon Davis, vice-president of innovation for Aryzta North America and La Brea Bakery, believes some of those reasons are going to stick around this time.

Since Sliced Bread: Tech-savvy Approach To Increasing Bread Sales

January 2020 While sliced bread has struggled in the marketplace for a long time, one force stands out today as a game changer, the internet. 

Hygiene, Flexibility Among Top Priorities For Belt, Conveyor Customers

January 2020 Customers want easy-to-use belts and conveyors that also maximize energy efficiency and durability. AMF Bakery Systems finds that sanitary design is probably the most significant trend in belts and conveyors. “Sanitation goes with easy access for cleaning and maintenance,” says Bobby Martin, executive product manager. “It simplifies the design, with fewer parts.” AMF has developed a horizontal diverter for conveyors – flat diverters that consist of a rod and pin that feeds into a hollow chain. There’s a plastic slat that rides in between the rods that brings the product right to left. AMF worked with Intralox to develop the new Active Integrated Motion (AIM) belt, which provides noise reduction, easier cleaning and maintenance, and improved worker safety.

All-in-one Equipment Executes Traditional & Artisan Bun Production

January 2020 “AMF Bakery Systems is focused on incorporating artisan bread. Our test bakers, engineers, and product managers are working with customers to integrate new products with traditional lines,” said Clint Adams, director of sales. “At AMF, we are focused on processing these clean label products that have been a struggle for industrial bakers in the past. Our low-stress sheeting incorporates methods that are gentle on the dough and better able to process than higher absorption doughs.”

‘Since Sliced Bread’ Addresses Falling Bread Sales

January 2020 For the past 50 years, sliced bread — specifically enriched white bread — has struggled to maintain sales. Some years, sales are flat, and in other years it’s a straight decline.

Baking & Snack: A How-To Guide for Running Artisan Bread on Traditional Lines

January 2020 “Consumers are seeking greater variety and personalization in all aspects of life, including food,” said Bruce Campbell, executive product manager, AMF Bakery Systems. “The typical sandwich shop or quick-service restaurant needs to offer a variety of premium bread and roll products and appeal to consumers’ changing preferences.”

Baking & Snack: Three Ways Hybrid Ovens Help Bakers Hit Production Targets

November 2019 At its simplest, a hybrid oven combines different types of heat transfer in one oven. “A hybrid oven is a combination of technologies that allows for the exact point in the baking cycle to remove moisture,” said Dennis Kauffman, director of thermal systems, AMF Bakery Systems. “A hybrid oven can exactly duplicate the heat flux curve most beneficial for a specific product.”

Baking & Snack: Rising To New Heights

October 2019 For centuries, flatbreads have been a cultural phenomenon across the globe… AMF Bakery Systems designs its flatbread lines for current and ongoing operational needs. “Our customers are requiring production equipment be designed with future growth and flexibility in mind,” said Clint Adams, Director of Sales US & Canada. “The markets are changing so fast that space may need to be reserved for future processes such as fermentation rooms, increasing resting and additional makeup options.”

Baking & Snack: Dividers Match Absorption Rates To Safeguard Dough

October 2019 The biggest hurdle with dividing a diverse portfolio is the range of absorptions. Automation not only allows dividers to cut more accurately, but it also helps them handle a wide variety of doughs.

Baking & Snack: Slaying Bread Slicing Errors

October 2019 Sometimes it’s important to read between the lines, especially when it comes to bread and bun slicing. If slice thickness is uneven, bakers should look beyond the likely culprit – the blades. That’s because other factors contribute to inaccurate slicing and waste in and after the slicer.

Baking & Snack: Picking Up The Pace of Artisan Bread Production

October 2019 It was a big trend that stood out at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), held in Las Vegas last month: artisan bread production. It’s an area where consumers are pushing demand for crafted, fermented products that feel handmade.

Baking & Snack: DIVIDED by SPEED

September 2019 Faster production lines don’t mean bakeries have to give up on accurate scaling or product quality. Today’s dividers achieve both.