ABL Robotic Product Loader

The (ABL) Articulating Arm Basket and Case Loader by AMF Bakery Systems handles a wide variety of plastic, corrugate, and other container loading applications for a wide range of baked goods with high-speed pick and place capability.

  • Unparalleled Performance and Reliability
    Recipe management software stores pattern configurations for multiple package patterns without tool change ensuring precise package placement and maximum reliability. An automated motion optimizer eliminates the need for a teach pendant.
  • Improved Efficiency 
    A multi-infeed high speed pick and place robotic arm with soft touch end-of-arm tool ensures gentle product handling.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    Multiple infeeds are available with flexible design configurations for any bakery layout. Additional options are available for vertical case loading and multiple case loading configurations.

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Robotic Product Loader

Interchangeable End-of-Arm Tool

Engineered to suit a growing product portfolio, AMF’s ABL Robotic Loader comes equipped with an interchangeable, flexible end-of-arm-tools designed for specific product applications. Product flaps gently compress product for tighter pack configurations. Custom EOAT tools are also available for specialty post-packaging applications.

Basket and Case Loading Applications

AMF’s ABL is capable of loading a wide range of boxed, clamshell or bagged products into corrugate, plastic or other containers. Our flexible automation solutions allow for post-packaging with or without u-board insertion to maintain optimal product quality:

Plastic Baskets

Plastic Baskets or Trays

Corrugate Box

Corrugate Boxes or Cases


Other Containers


Improved Product Quality

Gentle product handling through downstream operations ensures premium package quality for all of your soft bread and buns, artisan bread and rolls, pizza or flatbreads, cakes, pies, croissants, cookies, and other baked products.

Options available for auto-adjust product collation, pass-thru hand packing, or auto miss-pick/reject.

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