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Unlocking the Benefits of Automated Packaging in Industrial Bread Bakeries   

Achieving optimal productivity and efficiency in industrial bakeries often hinges on overcoming common challenges such as high employee turnover and operational bottlenecks. AMF PackTech, an AMF Bakery Systems brand, introduced the Combo 75S Bread Slicer and Bagger to streamline the bread packaging process while enhancing the operator experience. In this blog, we delve into the value of automated changeover of bread packaging equipment versus manual methods, explore the advantages of the 75S Slicer and Bagger, and shed light on how this technology addresses critical industry pain points. 

Manual vs. Automated Bread Packaging: Pros and Cons 

Traditionally, manual bread packaging has been a labor-intensive process prone to inefficiencies and inconsistencies. While it allows for greater control over certain aspects, such as slice thickness and bagging techniques, it comes at the cost of increased labor requirements and slower throughput. On the other hand, automated changeover, demonstrated by the 75S Slicer and Bagger, offers a myriad of benefits, including:     

Increased Operating Time and Consistency 

The 75S Combo Slicer and Bagger automates recipe changeover, significantly reducing the time and labor required to adjust guides and call optional features (steam) compared to manual methods, thus reducing changeover time. Within a minute, guides, blade spacing, and options like oiling and steam can be automatically adjusted.  The same adjustments are recalled with preset recipes and blade spacing from crew to crew, avoiding inconsistent and improvised setups. 

Resolving Downstream Bakery Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks at the back of industrial bakeries can disrupt productivity and efficiency. The 75S Slicer Bagger tackles these challenges head-on with its innovative design and functionality. The linear layout enables easier operation, allowing one operator to manage two lines efficiently. Additionally, enhanced sanitation features, including a sealed frame, easy-to-clean surfaces, and sanitary design elements, streamline cleaning routines, ensuring quicker and more effective sanitation processes while upholding stringent cleanliness and product safety standards. 

Enhancing the Operator Experience Through Design Innovation    

The 75S Slicer Bagger is built to enhance the operator experience with a commitment to simplicity and efficiency. Automatic adjustment functionalities and advanced features like recipe management improve productivity and ensure operator satisfaction. Its intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces streamline operations, reducing the learning curve for new operators and guaranteeing consistent performance.

Additionally, operators can experience easy interaction and maintenance with the open deck design, featuring patented pop-flights for safe product handling and reduced maintenance and sanitation time. The sealed frame and wide opening facilitate easy access, further streamlining cleaning routines and ensuring quicker, more effective sanitation processes while upholding stringent cleanliness and product safety standards.

Embracing Automation and Innovation with the Combo 75S Bread Slicer and Bagger

The Combo 75S Bread Slicer and Bagger represents an automated bread packaging technology evolution, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and improved operator satisfaction. By embracing automation and design innovation, industrial bread bakeries can overcome common challenges, maximize productivity, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market landscape.