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AMF BakeTech Team Gives Back

A Q&A With Katie Bryson

For many, the holidays are not only a time to rush from one obligation to another, but also a time to acknowledge that there are people in our respective communities who could use a hand, specific resources, or simply our time. Volunteering is the perfect opportunity to reach those people in need. With that thought in mind, Katie Bryson, a Buyer at AMF BakeTech in Tucker, GA, organized a teambuilding outing to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Katie says that the outing was not only a great time but provided unmatched personal fulfillment as a teambuilding activity. 

We asked Katie for some details of how the event was initiated and some takeaways.

How long have you been at AMF, and what do you do?

I have worked at AMF Bakery Systems for five years. I work as a buyer for the AMF BakeTech division in Georgia.

Why did you decide to organize this volunteer event?

As a part of our corporate culture, we typically arrange various team building activities for each facility, departments, or teams throughout the year. This year, the AMF BakeTech team decided we wanted to try and find an activity that had more meaning. Our supervisor suggested volunteering, and we all thought it was a great idea. Suggestions were made to visit an animal shelter, homeless shelter, or the Children’s Hospital. Many of us thought the Children’s Hospital would be a great fit, so I reached out to them and organized the outing. We had our visit on January 3rd. 

What activities were done with the children, and how did they come about?

As a group, we decided that the theme for the afternoon would be superheroes. I compiled a list of possible activities, and we narrowed it down to 3. 

We brought capes and masks for everyone to decorate. We even bought adult size capes, so that we could get in on the fun with the children, and everyone could dress up. We brought the necessary supplies so the kids could make slime. We also brought popsicle sticks and glue for the children to build whatever they wanted to. We brought play bugs for the kids to play with, and we provided fruit snacks and CapriSun drinks. The employees had a blast as well as the children.

How were the hospital and the children impacted?

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is a large and well-known organization in our area. We thought that because of the holiday season, it would be nice for the kids to have a few extra visitors. It was evident from the children’s faces when we arrived that they were looking forward to having some fun for the afternoon, and they were thrilled to see us.

What kind of feedback have you received from AMF teammates who participated?

The consensus was that everyone who participated was humbled by the experience. It was nice to see how something as simple as donating your time can make a difference in someone else’s day. We are all in agreement that we should volunteer with the Children’s Hospital more often. In addition to helping the kids, it’s always wonderful to spend time outside of the office with fellow teammates.

Are there plans to volunteer again? If so, will you donate your time to the same organization or a different one?

We will volunteer again. We are looking into the opportunities in our area where we can have an impact. If we don’t find an alternative that we all connect with, we will return to the Children’s Hospital with new activities to do. 

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