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AMF Introduces A Unified Family Of Brands

Richmond, Virginia – April 8, 2022 – AMF Bakery Systems (AMF), industry-leading manufacturer of high-speed automated food processing solutions, introduces a unified family of brands heightening the Company’s promise to deliver best-in-class unit equipment. Backed by focused leadership, each with a dedicated team of engineers, the new brand architecture reflects AMF’s commitment to continuous improvement and specialization.

The family of brands, inclusive of: AMF Fusion, AMF Flex, AMF Tromp, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer, AMF Vesta, AMF Convay, AMF PackTech, AMF Workhorse, and AMF APEX offers industrial bakers complete system solutions across a vast range of baked products and production rates. From soft bread and buns, artisan breads, pizza, flatbreads, cakes, pies, pastries, croissants, and more, AMF’s family of brands has the engineering solutions and manufacturing expertise for bakers seeking automation to fully automated production solutions.

“With the launch of this family of brands, AMF will continue to rise as the baking partner of choice,” Global Marketing Director, Diana Boxey said. “This strategy helps us better differentiate the areas of specialization within AMF. We have highly focused teams of engineers and master bakers delivering innovative solutions across each area of the baking process. As we continue to grow as a company, defining this structure will ensure that our teams maintain focus on developing solutions that increase value for our baking customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

At the front of the bakery, AMF Fusion delivers sanitary industrial mixing solutions integrated with fully automated dough handling systems. AMF Flex and AMF Tromp serve industrial bakers with the dough process expertise and make-up system solutions needed to achieve premium product quality for a range of products through extrusion and volumetric dividing systems to sheeting, laminating, depositing and decorating technologies.

Within the baking process, AMF BakeTech, AMF Den Boer, and AMF Vesta teams collaborate to develop the most optimal proofing, baking, cooling, and freezing solutions tailored to each bakery’s specifications and unique product portfolio. Moving commercial bakers’ most valuable assets from mixer to marketplace, AMF Convay offers a range of seamless conveying and transfer solutions.

Downstream, AMF PackTech delivers gentle slicing, bagging, and bulk packaging for baked products. Driven by the AMF Workhorse specialists, pan handling and post-packaging solutions serve a variety of pan and product applications.

Delivering value to bakers in today’s emerging consumer markets, AMF APEX features simplified product models and value-oriented systems that move bakers from manual to semi-automated operations or semi-automation to labor-free, fully automated bakeries operating at lower production rates than AMF’s standard high-speed systems.

Bakeries around the world partner with AMF Bakery Systems for best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions, from mixer to marketplace, that improve operations, products, and bakery success. With global reach and local presence, AMF is the only truly global partner delivering complete system solutions that empower bakeries to rise. AMF Bakery Systems is a proud member of the Markel Food Group.

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