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Fusion SNAX Sigma Mixer

AMF Fusion’s SNAX Sigma Mixer offers maximum flexibility and unmatched reliability for mixing a variety of products, including cookies, crackers, rotary molded biscuits, buttermilk biscuits, corn tortillas, pie doughs, pet food products, stiff fillings, pretzels, gluten-free products, and specialty snacks. Designed to produce a uniform dough with consistent quality level, this horizontal batch mixer is engineered to process 1,200 lbs (545 kg) to up to 4,000 lbs (1,815 kg) of dough. The industrial horizontal Single Sigma Arm tilt bowl mixer seamlessly integrates with dough troughs or laytime equipment, such as the Dough Chunker or Kibbler, providing a labor-free dough handling solution.

Key benefits

  • Perfectly shaped to provide efficient ingredient incorporation & consistent dough quality.
  • Front & optional rear tilt system offers complete access for cleaning inside the bowl.
  • Main agitator drive is mounted low for increased stability with an optimal center of gravity.
  • Innovative dual tilt function can be integrated with many dough handling solutions.
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SNAX Sigma Mixer Equipment Features

Sanitary, round tubular frame construction and stainless steel bowl structure ensure maximum strength and minimum deflection, thus eliminating fatigue failures.

sigma arm mixer blade

The Single Sigma Arm Agitator is perfectly
shaped to provide efficient ingredient
incorporation and consistent dough

innovative tilt bowl system

The innovative direct drive bowl tilt system
provides 140° forward tilt and optional 95°
rear tilt.

grout kit

The optional mixer leg Grout Kit seals legs to
the floor to eliminate the gap between the
bottom of the mixer and the floor, providing
a solid base and more sanitary installation.

internal refrigeration hoses

Optional internal refrigeration hoses for a leaner design.

sigma mixer refrigeration jacket

Optional Durabowl™ refrigeration
jacket ensures ideal process
consistency and final dough
temperature control.

bowl seals

Front/rear seals mounted on the mixer bowl scrape the underside of the canopy during the tilting process.

automated stopper

Automated stopper for improved safety.

sigma arm mixer blade
innovative tilt bowl system
grout kit
internal refrigeration hoses
sigma mixer refrigeration jacket
bowl seals
automated stopper

Compact Footprint with Maximum Flexibility

Open Frame Construction

Achieve the perfect mix with this flexible, open frame Sigma Arm Mixer. The SNAX Sigma Mixer integrates an innovative tilting system for mixing a variety of crackers, cookies, and specialty snack doughs from 1,200 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.

Dough Process Monitoring

The Mixer Guardian™ power and process monitoring systems, configured by recipe, detect irregularities in the mixing process to improve production.

Power Monitoring

Plots KwH against reference trends.

Process Monitoring

Tracks nine variables against predefined limits and trends.

Mixer Guardian SPC

Logs and indexes real-time data for easy process adjustments.

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