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LaRosa’s Bakery’s Journey with AMF Bakery Systems

LaRosa’s Bakery, a family-owned establishment dating back to 1954, has evolved from a single pizzeria into a well-known chain with 65 outlets across the greater Cincinnati region. In order to overcome production hurdles and elevate the standard of their pizza dough, LaRosa’s collaborated with AMF Bakery Systems to streamline their operations and incorporate automation into their process. This is their journey to success.

The Challenge:

LaRosa’s faced significant challenges in their pizza dough production:

  • Inconsistencies in dough sizes, shapes, and weights
  • Reliance on manual visual quality assurance
  • Difficulties in properly hydrating flour

The Solution:

Key Benefits:

  • Consistency: By automating their processes, dough inconsistencies were eliminated ensuring uniform sizes, shapes, and weights
  • Efficiency: A streamlined production processes increased their line efficiency, and reduced manual controls for operators
  • Quality: Improved hydration and gentle dough handling elevated the overall quality of the pizza dough

Case Study Highlight:

Expanding the Product Range:

LaRosa’s system upgrades have enabled them to expand their pizza dough offerings, providing a diverse range of sizes and weights to accommodate various customer preferences. Their freshly frozen dough options now include diameters ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches and weights spanning from 4 ounces to 30 ounces. This expansion ensures that LaRosa’s can satisfy a wide array of consumer needs and preferences when it comes to their pizza dough offerings.

Partnering with AMF Bakery Systems:

Marc LaRosa and his team were impressed with the service and attention to detail provided by AMF Bakery Systems throughout the entire project.

“We were truly impressed by the level of insight and confidence gained from the week of testing at the AMF Innovation Center in Gorinchem. Our team is excited our process has been optimized and happy with the performance of our new system.”

From the very first consultation, where AMF’s team showcased their expertise and unwavering support, to the testing phase and beyond, their commitment and valuable guidance were outstanding.

The partnership between LaRosa’s Bakery and AMF Bakery Systems has enhanced their pizza dough production, elevating consistency, efficiency, and overall quality. The advanced automation technology not only supports LaRosa’s growth but also upholds their long-standing tradition of excellence and craftsmanship.