AMF Tromp Target Seeder

The AMF Tromp Target Seeder offers immediate savings, easy production line integration, and a quick return on investment with accurate, targeted application of seeds and toppings for producing a wide variety of premium bread and bun products.

  • Reduced Waste And Improved Cost Savings On Raw Ingredients
    Distributing much less waste onto the tray surface, the Target Seeder results in up to 50% increased savings on topping ingredients.
  • Simpler Sanitation 
    While preventing excess seeds from spilling and burning onto the baking trays, the Target Seeder extends tray life with easier sanitation.
  • Immediate Return On Investment
    Realize cost savings in less than a year with significant cost reductions on ingredients, utilities, and baking trays.

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Seeder Applications

Accurate, Targeted Decoration

Engineered to address many of the frustrations bakers encounter with waterfall topping applicators, the AMF Tromp Target Seeder distributes much less waste onto the baking tray surface, by targeting the topping onto the product with minimal spillage. The Seeder offers easy changeover for multiple pan configurations.

Actual Customer Savings

The AMF Tromp method used for strewing toppings reduces the required quantity of ingredients by almost 50% in comparison to the waterfall systems or up to 27% in comparison to other industry seeders resulting in less waste and minimal pan pollution. Recent customer installations have provided successful data and savings, that we can also calculate for your bakery, as seen in the model below:

Waterfall System

Covers Entire Pan with Seeds

100% Strewing Surface

Price of Toppings ~ $1,800,000 per year

Comparable Market Seeders

Covers Entire Bun & Parts of Pan

62.7% Strewing Surface

Price of Toppings ~ $1,100,000 per year

Save up to $650,000 per year

AMF Tromp Target Seeder

Covers Only Strewing Area of the Bun Preventing Seeds From Touching Sides of Bun

42.9% Strewing Surface

Price of Toppings ~ $750,000 per year

Save up to $1,000,000 per year

Improved Product Quality

Commercial bread and bun bakers incorporate a variety of toppings including seed mixes, nuts, sugars, or flours as the mark of a premium product.

With accurate application of decorative toppings, bakers create greater sensory experiences, perceived healthier baked foods, and products revealing a more artisan appearance.

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