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AMF Tromp DecoJet Robot

The Tromp Decojet Robot for water scoring and splitting helps bakeries create water cuts in proofed dough by use of an industrial robot. Scoring a bread, bun, or baguette in a bake tray or on the belt has never been easier and more precise. The robot works very accurately and is productive during every hour of your production.

Key benefits

  • Fully pre-programmed sets for quick changeovers
  • Fixed frame with safety fences
  • Water usage: 0.6 liter/minute (ionized, temperature of ±20ºC)
  • Detection system for synchronization of the baking trays with the Decoject
  • Adjustable in speed, heights, and corrections
  • Manually adjustable nozzles in the width for the correct pitch
  • Water pump & circulating system
  • Adjustable cutting pressure
  • Reducing valve
  • Storage reservoir with float
  • Stainless steel filter house with exchangeable filter
  • Baking tins must be positioned with space in between and pass through freely
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Product Applications

The AMF Tromp Decojet Robot is a flexible water splitting and scoring device for many proofed doughs like:

  • All Soft Breads
  • Buns in any size
  • Rolls
  • Baguettes for par-baked or fully baked
  • Demi-baguettes
  • Artisan Bread
  • Petit Pain
  • Round, square, and oval products

Tromp Decojet Robot Equipment Features

For creative, flexible, and adjustable water scoring applications, this robot arm with Decojet provides a unique solution. When requiring many changeovers per day, quick adjustable tooling, and always “on” capacity, this could be your new employee.

Flexible robot water splitter for decorating proofed dough.

Flexible robot water splitter for decorating proofed dough.

Flexible robot water splitter for decorating proofed dough.

Flexible robot water splitter for decorating proofed dough.

Robotic Arm for Unique

Water Splitting Applications

Custom Water Scoring Patterns

Due to its high-speed, low-speed, flexible, and creative functionality, anything is possible with the adjustable robot arm with Decojet. Demonstrations can be done live and online at the AMF Innovation Centre.

Fifty changeovers per day? No problem!

Flexible and adjustable programming of the robot arm ensures that each transition — from product 1 to product 100 — of your daily production can be accomplished easily with just changing the program pre-set.

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